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My all time favorite is Winter Rose. <3
I dont have it but I REALLY WANT IT. XDD
My favourite December MC was definitely the Angelic Scarf! I liked it so much because it was simple and elegant. Whoever had pixeled it did a wonderful job and really made it stand out.

I was actually fortunate enough to obtain it. 4laugh
My Favorite is the silver laurels Because its a great piece you can wear it on your head and leg Those are my favorite poses for it ;P
I like the OMG hat. The style is great and it goes with many outfits, not to mention that it looks a little dark and punk-ish, which appeals to me.
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Silver Laurels was a nice one. It had great colors and was very well done :3
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my favorite December MC would have to be the from the first: the Angelic Scarf. It looks so warm, and soft and it looks like for angels and giving us a gift.~
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My favorite MC was the Winter Rose...it was, one of the first i had
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My favorite December MC is probably Snow Feather, because the little bird and the hair feather matches almost any Angelic Themed Avatars.

Another one of a favorites is the Snow Witch, especially the Fluffy shoulder things, because they fill in the gaps on the shoulders when making a Winter/Snowy Avi.

But I still like Snow Feather better...
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Silver Laurels! <3 They're easy to use and complement outfits nicely!
silver laurels
they r just soo cool and suit with my avi
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I really adore the angelic scarf and was questing for it for a while now but I gave up emo
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Winter rose!
The BuBu Kitty!! Sooo cute!!! cat_4laugh

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OMG hat because of the amazing way it looks
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My favorite December MC is Snow Feather. It is a very pretty shade of white and it goes well with a lot of avatars.

...By the old and bitter into killing each other. ~ Niko Bellic

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