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The angelic scarf of 2k3
because i love the colors of it and how it looks on my avi is amazing and i have always tried to buy it!

edit:FIRST ON PAGE 5!! =D
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Silent Night from 2k8 was always my favorite - I liked the little side cape and jacket they had going in that one. xD The black and silver theme was really nice too, because there aren't that many items on gaia that did that as well as Silent Night.
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I really liked Wintry Kisses, it was Christmasy, but you can wear it year round :3 I have like 3 or 4 outfits that I know go with any of the the different things it comes with~!!
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I loved the OMG HAT. It always looked so cute on my avi when I had it c:
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Listen to yourself: you sound so dramatic!
Bro, I think you're coming at it all wrong.
Start fresh, you don't have to feel stressed.
The trouble's all gone, it's a brand new dawn!

Quiet! The real king of Bullworth Academy speaks!
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I'd have to say that I like Time Pieces.
I am a huge fan of the steampunk style of the whole thing.
I only wish I could use it more in my avatars.

I gotta go, important people to see. You can speak now!

Served my just desserts
And justice hurts the judge the worst.
I guess I've got to come down from the pedestal
And try to find something incredible!
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Nightmare scarf. from 2003.

Because , come on who doesn't like the classics.
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I LIKE ALL OF THEM emotion_c8
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OMG HAT it's classic gaia
it usually depends on what way i design my avi but i love the winter rose cuz of the way it looks as if u are just watchin the peddles fall

My favorite Monthly collectible is the Angelic Scarf, and in fact is also my favorite gaia item ever!
I wanted it in 2004 and it took me years to get it, and then my sweet boyfriend gave it to me.
I love that its a scarf, the color is pretty, It's hard to work with which makes it a wonderful challange.
I never take it off and I just love it! <3
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Gift of the Goddess, fun sleeves! x3
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Horns of the demon!
Mine would be from 03 ( Angelic and Nitemare scarf )
I am currently questing both and they are my favorite because they look good on any avi.
The silver laurels make me look like a sexy Greek god.
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Angelic Scarf, no doubt.
It's an original, and comforting. 3nodding

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