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The OMG Hat because it lets you have different choices of the same item so you can alter your avi anyway you want
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My favorite December MC would have to be the Angelic Scarf because it is very pretty. I love scarfs, and white is one of my favorite colors. It's good for a lot of different style choices and is my all time favorite! heart
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My favorite is....OMG hat it sooooo fun to wear.
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Kawaii Bookworm

My favorite December MC is the Angelic Scarf from 2003. Its so pretty and was also one of the items I quested for when I first joined gaia. <3
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◄◄◄ ɢαмzєє мαкαяα

*_____* Angelic Scarf! Because it it a gorgeous item and I still want one to this day.
Angelic Scarf. It's a classic. c:
My favorite December MC was the Angelic Scarf ! I loved it because it brought the innocent out in everyone's avvi, we were a wonderful guild of precious little cherubs with light blue scarves ;3
my favorite December Monthly Collectible would have to be the the first the Angelic Scarf. It just was so warm and cozy, and looks awesome.
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Salty Fairy

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I love my Silver Laurels because of the classical influence and the pretty white color.
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Winter Rose. I love the petal dress and the thorny vines over the avatar.

It was simply lovely and came out my first year of gaia.
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I love the Time Piece myself since is a unique blend of technology and fashion. Plus I'm a sucker for some steampunk.
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My favorite collectible from December would be the the Angelic Scarf! The reason being this item fits my personality and it adds a time of softness to an avatar. It helps avatar shine in a white light, while being a great accessory to any outfit. =]
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I guess I'll have to go for the nostalgia and say my favorite was December 2003.

Reason being it contained Angelic Scarf, I just thought it was appropriate for the time of year, as 2003 was absolutely freezing here and I remember having my scarf constantly covering half my face, similar to the item.

As I mentioned earlier, it had nostalgia values for me too. I remember that was the first item I actually wanted to buy and saved up for.

...And it's also a pretty item that matches a lot of my avatars. I also felt it themes pretty well, y'know with all the angelic stuff. sweatdrop

That's enough of my blabbering, good luck to everyone who participates in the contest. heart
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My favorite December MC is the Winter Rose from 2006. The Winter Rose was the first MC that made me think, "This item is truly beautiful." Even though I don't wear it these days, I can't bring myself to part with my first Winter Rose. It's one of those items to treasure.
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Invisible Lunatic

My favourite December MC Would of been the Angelic Scarf... It was so bootyfuls <3 I quested it once, but never actually got it emo

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