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The ONLY August MC I like is.... Nightmare Sash. I've had two before but I needed to sell one for gold. :/ I like how it's dark. Like, you know with some people's personality they like dark, demonic things and well... this fits! biggrin i love it
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My favorite August MC has got to be Golden Laurels. They can definitely brighten up an avatar and needless to say make it shine. They are elegant and classy; a must have for any true Gaian.
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User ImageThe Lusty Scoundrel, i'd get it but it's so expensive because everyone wants it for the shiny skin. I'd like to have it for the warm background. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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My favorite August MC was the Antique Keymaster.
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My favorite August monthly collectable is Summoning Tome.
It was the first item I quested for on Gaia and I had many kind people helped me out
so I could get it right away, so it contains those joyous memories for me.
I also love the dragon poses that come with the item. <3
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My favorite August Monthly Collectible is the 2006 one because of the nightmare sash. <3 I used to REALLY want that item.
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I LOVE the August 2008 MC: The Lusty Scoundrel emotion_awesome
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I'd definitely say the DJ Studio Headphones from 2003.
It instantly makes any avatar gain 100 cool points from wearing it.
My favorite August MC would have to be Gwee the Dragon because he's the first one I ever bought with hard-earned gold.
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Solar sash. I don't wanna sound like a creepy collectible fanboy but whew! Solar Sash is awesome! It can go with any sort of avatar. Plus, hey c'mon I doubt you could resist it. If someone was like 'hey, you can have solar sash' you'd be all like 'oh! thats my favorite ERMAHGERD!' So yeah. Solar Sash...
my fav was the aslo the lusty it made your body SOO SHINNYYY
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August 2004, the Golden Laurels, the one item I have always wanted but never had enough to get...soon.
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I love the Nightmare Sash from August 2006 it goes so well with almost anything
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I really like the Winged Anklets. I love anything that deals with the ankles, because it reminds me of the Greek God Hermes with his own winged sandals.

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