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Tenacious Muse

I love the Summoning Tome from 2007. The dragons in it were the highlights of my avatars when I first got it, and it's still a source of entertainment for me when I run around as the little frog. =w= *easily amused*
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My favorite August MC is Literary Luxury, My avatar is wearing it right now and it matches as a whole! <3
My fav is lusty cuz it makes ur body look nice n smooth
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Rainbow Fatcat

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The Lusty Scoundrel
I love the rose petals.
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Where is your inspiration? You lost it, oh so long ago
So much for innovation, I saw this coming long before
You had no motivation, your hopes are high but trapped below
But I grew up, wishing on a star; you think I won't ever get too far

Golden Laurels. Because they are so pretty.

So now I am wishing on a star
Way, way back in 2006 you released the Angelic Microphone. At this time I had an older account, and the Angelic Microphone was super popular. I saw a lot of people wearing them, and I eventually decided that I wanted one for myself. (Actually, I wanted two)

So I started saving, and questing, and posting, and roleplaying like craaazy. I don't even remember how long it took me, but eventually I got that first Angelic Microphone via an auction in the marketplace! One down, one to go. It took me a couple more months, but I got that second microphone as well. This was one of the first items that I ever quested for, and one of the only monthly collectibles that I even remember.

That was back before evolving items and stuff, when I still bothered to keep track of new item release. Ahaha... xD

And that is why it is my favourite~
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Uncanny Form - Aug 2k9
I love making the skins work for me and playing with all the combos.

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golden laurels<3 sparkly! And small.
August 2008:The Lusty Scoundrel
Oh goodness just look at that fabulous hair and that there sleek with oil body. redface
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Friendly Fatcat

Literary Luxury from August 2012 heart
Because of the custom arms c:
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Whip of Fire from Aug 2005. I love it, one of my favourite old items. My friend and I both got them to match and it was one of the first things I really tried to get on Gaia. I quested for it and my friend helped me get it and we made matching Avatars!
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I love the Summoning Tome because it comes with all the fluffy little owls and the dragons are cool too~
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Lusty Scoundrel because it makes you look all shiny
The Nitemare Sash from August 2006.

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