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My favorite are the DJ Studio Headphones because they look cool and are super expensive. And everyone knows the more expensive something is the better, and we always want the things me can't afford the most.
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Shy Fairy

my favourite august mc was the antique key because it was really unique! ^^
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Im kinda a newbie, so the only August monthly collectible ive seen is this year.
DJ Studio Headphones
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Black wolf from the july 2009 Letter. Mainly because of the Knives you could have that looked like fangs, or the Kraven the hunter looking necklace.
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Witty Nerd

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The Lusty Scoundrel because it's hilarious!
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I would have to say that my favorite August MC would have to be the Summoning Tome from 07. A book in both white and black goes amazingly with most of my avatars. The little black birds and little white birds are the same. I loved how we got both halves as a whole. The dragon was awesome too.
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Lonely Fatcat

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july 2003 because they look awesome as slippers and it'd be great to experience them as hats too and the are very cute especially the panda >w<
the summoning tome!
being a frog is fun! especially when visiting different worlds, playing zomg... etc.

hop hop hop
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Dapper Fatcat

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The Nitemare Sash, back in August '06. It was the first item I really saved up and tried for. It was the one clincher for the outfit I wanted to make so badly, plus it was amazing ~
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August 2008:The Lusty Scoundrel :]
edit: 3rd page biggrin
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Original Werewolf

The Nitemare Sash from 2006. It's an awesome item and it's really versatile.
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I'd go for Ancient Katana. I just love how well in blends with everything! smile
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Magical Bunny

Gothic veil defiantly. I love the color, and it was one of the first ones I ever bought
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Witty Phantom

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The golden laurels. They're SO pretty! I wish I owned a pair haha smile

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