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My favorite MC is the Coco kitty.
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My favourite August MC would happen to be the Winged Anklets. Even if I've never actually owned a pair, myself, those were one of the first items I began questing for and goodness do I love how they look with many types of avatars c:
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My favorite is the Literary Luxury! The hair style option in it is beautiful and I love the mint color. I also really like the vest it comes with.
What’s your all time favorite August Monthly Collectible and why!
My all time favourite August monthly collectible would be the "Nitemare Sash".
This is my favourite item because i love how every piece of this item goes pretty well with everything i wear on gaia whether its an expensive item or not, its perfect for all gaian's. I love dark items which also is a bonus, and how august is my birthday i was really happy to recieve a "Nitemare Sash" on my birthday in august by my sister and i was happily surprised that it was a dark item and how well it went with all my other items, i could mix and match pieces of other items with this one nicely.
Well thats why i love the August monthly item "Nitemare Sash" smile heart
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My Favorite August Monthly Collectible has to be all of Them, even Though I Cant Decide I Think all of Them are good and Look Extremely Nice for Monthly Collectibles. My Vote... All of Them :3
I have always loved the Nitemare sash it's one of the items that I have always wanted to get and hopefully maybe someday will but if not it will always still be really super awesome!!!!
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my favourite was the summoning tome i love toads it made me weak at the knees cause it was awesome!!!! emotion_kirakira
summoning tone.. because i get to be a frog and surprise people in zomg ^_^
Vampire sound by far is my favorite. It can add a boyishly adorable element to a punk rock avi, with an awesome air of bad@$$ery.
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I Love the thank you letter from July from 2004 because of the Steel-plated Ninja Band it is the one item I want the most no matter what! I had a lot of Other usernames but they have always been hacked but no matter what I would always get back on Gaia Online and try to earn for the Steel-plated ninja band no matter what. I think that this item is worth it more than anything, and it's also because I LOVE Naruto lol.
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my favorite one is The Lusty Scoundrel because its cool and its just well flirty like me heart
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my favorite of all is the Uncanny Form because of its sense of art,culture and beauty heart
biggrin redface i like eating cat poop heart dramallama wahmbulance emo
My favorite August monthly collectible thus far has been the literary luxury.

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