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Oculus Magica. I have had it for so long. I really like the variety of the eyes. I use it so much and just enjoy showing off my avi with the Oculus Magica equipped.
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Fashionable Prophet

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My favorite is cherry blossom. The falling petals go with every outfit!! heart heart
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Shadowy Rogue

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my favorite April monthly collectible would have to be duelliste, (Windswept Great Coat). Mostly because i enjoy light colors, other than black, but my avi's are one consisting color or black and white. ^^
Nightmare Mini Wings
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Cute Bunny

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I loved this year's Empress Cotton MC heart

Why? dude i f--cking love bunnies
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Invisible Friend

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My Favorite April Monthly Collectable is the Prism Butterfly Mantilla, most beautiful wings on gaia, i absolutely love butterflies, and wearing those ones makes me feel like one!
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Friendly Fatcat

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I really liked April rose from last year...it was a really nice soft colour that didn't clash with any skintone. besides I really like pink heart
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Man-Hungry Man-Lover

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What’s your all time favorite April Monthly Collectible and why!
The cheapest one on the site dawg.
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Shirtless Businesswoman

Prism Butterfly Mantilla <3
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Fashionable Genius

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Cherry Blossom!
I love the item and I always wanted one of those trees in my yard (or many many of those trees)
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My favorite April Monthly Collectible was Oculus Magica heart Such cute eyes! they go with a lot of outfits
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Unforgiving Lunatic

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I really loved cherry blossom heart ^///u///^
My favorite April MC was Oculus magica because it was one the first of its kind and I like the variety it provides.
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Bashful Loverboy

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I like the fortuna MC
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Familiar Sex Symbol

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Lunar Scythe

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