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Princess Kaguya is my favorite. Nice hair and pretty clothes. The bunnies don't hurt either ;3
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I'd have to say Aquatica from April 2007. The colors and effects it creates goes well with a number of things.
Mine definitively has to be Princess Kaguya.
I love the colors. To put it quite simply, everything about it is just
gorgeous! <3
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my favorite item has to be the oculus Magica. Because it was my first item ever that changed the eyes, and i used it so much for most of my favs avi. The eyes it does, i'm in love with this item. I adore The Ice fairy eyes. They are my fav.
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The Lusty Scoundrel
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The Oculus Magica. So many unique eyes~
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Original Gaian

Definitely the Rock Puppy. Probably just because it reminds me of when I joined Gaia. He was everywhere in the headers.
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My favorite April MC....Chestplate of Arachne razz PP
Da Luner Scythe doooood
* and you know everyone is going to the collectible museum Rofl*
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I Love the lunar scythe x.x It's just so elegant and Wonderful! i want one so badly!! but that is my favorite April MC
Any thang thats like reptileish would do fine with me or a coat/ jackett huddie cool smile
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lunar scythe

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I'm pretty sure all of the MC's in april were pretty much awesome. :u
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April 2011!
Spring Rose!
So pretty smile
It was tough between that and Cherry Blossom.
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Cherry Blossom. :3

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