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Dapper Prophet

I love this months,
The white is stunning!
The Lunar Scythe.

It was part of the reason I started collecting Monthlies on Gaia in the first place. It was also the first item I saved up to get. It was, and still is, the coolest scythe on this site.

Luna Scythe, I miss you
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My favorite April monthly collectible is the Rock Hard
I would like to join!!!!!!! biggrin
Cherry Blossom is my favorite.
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My favorite would be the Prism Butterfly Mantilla,I love how detailed the design on the wings are.I also love the transparency the first pose has.Out of all the April monthly collectibles,I think the Mantilla is the most beautiful.I would kinda like to see a tasteful recolor of it in the future if it's possible.

User Image
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Magical Explorer

I like the Gunslinger. Those spurs can spice up any shoes.
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Steel-plated Ninja Band
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Blessed Prophet

favorite MC is the master piece
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This months MC's! I love the Empress Cotton so much! Its very elegant and pretty.
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Sanguine is Red... Dead lips are blue

April 2004, Hammi Hat.
Its so gosh darn cuuute
; u;
And it totally doesn't remind me of Hamtaro, which I was obsessed about when I was a young girl
Hamtarooo~ if we work together its much better
Yeah. I need to watch that again.

The last victim suffered... And so will you!User Image
My favorite would have to be Princess Kaguya.
Not only is a beautiful item, but I really enjoyed the story behind it. Items with deep, detailed histories are the most interesting in my opinion. Gives them meaning.
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Oculus Magica~
; o; Wind Security Blanket. Who doesn't want their avi nice and and snug in a blanket.
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Chestplate of Arachne! heart reason being..simple, I like spiders. Their cute and fuzzy and they eat annoying bugs 3nodding

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