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I love Lusty Scoundrel, just something about it is so romantic yet sexy. ;3
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

My favorite is Cherry Blossom because it reminds me of the one me and my Uncle had planted when he was still in America. I don't get to see him or talk to him very much since he lives in Japan and the time zone kind of makes it hard for us to communicate and so we send letters to each other most of the time.

I really miss him and I can't want to visit him when I have enough money to go see him.
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Gunslinger,- because it can make for some pretty awesome looking demonic avatars
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Dapper Hunter

Mine is Princess Kaguya, due to the fact that I like the whole japanese feel that the folding wall gives.
I loved the Cherry Blossom. Why? Because I love any thing with flowers/trees.
The Cherry Blossoms are going to be my next tattoo.
Aquatica. First fishtail item in Gaia's history! heart
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Lunar Scythe is my favorite MC item!~~~

I loved how it was unique and well made (you can see the subtle lines of it) and it is just a really nicely made item in comparison to other weapons (though I think recently, the blue scythe rivals it, except it is blue and does not match my avatar).

In example, like the swords and katanas, in all honestly, the first one (the one currently equipped in my avatar) is the only one that I feel looks nice in terms of being a good shape for my avatar. Same with the lunar scythe. It fit my character perfectly and I loved the many art I received (displayed in my profile) about it. I just really disliked how in order to have the apple equipped, I needed a smaller item, but if it wasn't for the apple, I would still be having the lunar scythe right now. (basically, the positions available)
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Friendly Grabber

I love Cherry Blossom because each item is so pretty and I absolutely adore the dress and wings.
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Man-Hungry Man-Lover

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Hmm.... probably Friday the XIII, because its friggin awesome.
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Salty Sex Symbol

Oculus Magica All The Way Because They Give Awesome Eye Choices. They Can Go With Just About Everything.
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Thieving Elocutionist

I like Cherry Blossom, since I'm a sucker for cute floral things.
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Wheezing Lunatic

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heart Prism Butterfly Mantilla heart
I ahve to say this wins by a land slide. It was really pretty and had all the poses you needed.. I have to say Good Job Gaian Designers YOU ROCK!! ^^ I jsut wish i still had it... V_V
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Dapper Dabbler

The Cherry Blossom item from April 2009 was wonderful.
I loved how you could have the tree looming over you with little pink blossoms falling down. Magic~ :3

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