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April 2011: Spring Rose
April 2010: Princess Kaguya
April 2009: Cherry Blossom

Those are my three favorite, but I think Cherry Blossom would end up being the overall winner. I'm a sucker for cherry blossom trees.
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Princess Kaguya.
It made me happiest. 8D
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Angelic and demonic mini wings. Very cute and stylish. xD
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i like duelliste
cause its very cool
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Honestly, I cannot choose my favorite April MC.
All of them have been so amazing!
I dunno if it's because my birthday month always makes everything seem awesome,
or if it's just that all of them are just amazing!
But if I HAD to pick, I would choose Aquatica, from April 2007.
Why? I was a synchronized swimmer for 7 years and I have always loved the ocean and all aquatic life and things.
And my mother used to call me a fish c: So it reminds me of my childhood.
Lunar scythe!! april 2007 3nodding just because having a weapon makes u look sexy ^^ and i also like it because it reminds me of vampire knight lol 4laugh
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MY favorite past April Monthly Collectible has to be Oculus Magica there are so many cool eyes in this item so you could choose from a variety of different eyes your your avatar! Its the cooliest xD
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it would have to be the rock hard demonic mic it captures the classic rock theme and the scull wings are spunky! I can't put my fingure on it but the describtion reminds me of one of my favorite songs, that made me chuckle (its going to kill me untill I figure it out) I find it ironic that it is also called the demonic mic for most that arnt into rock or they are into gospel music call rock the devil's music
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I think my favourite April MC is Cherry Blossom, as it is beautiful and elegant. Not only that, it was the second MC letter I ever bought 3nodding
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for me, it's the lunar scythe or the prism butterfly mantilla. i love butterflies and the scythe is just badass
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My favorite is definitely the Oculus Magica~ heart
The different eyes are really useful in cosplay, and they're really beautiful!~ 3nodding
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Of this year, I really liked March. Fallen King because the background was pretty epic. As you can see I'm using it now. xD
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my all time favorite April Monthly Collectible is empress cotton. I just love the look. :3
I like all the MCs cause they are all cool
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1st Choice: April 2007: Oculus Magica
2nd Choice: April 2012: Duelliste
3rd Choice: April 2011: Gunslinger

Truly I like the Oculus Magica, for the many purposes it can be, and utilize to nearly any outfit or attire. The Duelliste is white, and is complimentary to most outfits but not all.. Did I also say it looks Awesome?

Gunslinger has more additional options in terms of mix and matching over Duelliste... However the name implies Gun, but the gun to me isn't that all appealing since the cross looks a little funky, and the gun is stubby at best.

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