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Unbeatable Genius

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I'm a fortune
I'm a fortune
I'm a fortune
I'm a fortune
I'm a fortune
I'm a fortune
I'm a fortune
I'm a fortune
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Sparkly Hoarder

Even on the cloudiest of days, the sun is still in the sky.

No matter how bad things look, there is good to be found.
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Questionable Grabber

You will die at a time when you do not know.

mean: you will die and you don't know when. :>
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Devoted Saint

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Your fortune is in another cookie.

Because I'll bet Mario likes Chinese food too.

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Original Lover

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As you grow old, Challenges grow anew.

Means that as you get older and wiser, the challenges that await you are newer and harder.
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Dedicated Hunter

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The world is not beautiful therefore it is, so look around with new eyes. You'll be amazed by how the simplest thing has inner beauty.
Basically it means that you have to reevaluate what you classify what you define as beautiful in order to open your eyes and see real beauty.
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Vicious Soldier

Take the first opportunity you see. Otherwise, there might not be a second one.
When life gives you lemons...Stab life and take it's wallet.
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Dangerous Shapeshifter

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  • Alchemy Level 2 100
Live life to its fullest potential. Don't let the smallest things get you down.
Try to look on the brighter side. Choose your own path.
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Rainbow Phantom

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If you want the rainbow, you must put up with the rain

If you want the best, you have to put up with the worst. Or even, in order to experience something as beautiful and wonderful as a rainbow(good things), first you have to put up with the rain.(bad things).
Don't forget to flush, the world will thank you for it~
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Partying Rogue

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  • Risky Lifestyle 100
You Suck Try Again...
If you think someone's watching you, give them something to look at.

Just a small gesture can make someone change.
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  • Invisibility 100
"I bet you're going to pitch the 'cookie' now."

because most people i know dont eat the cookie, they just open it for the fortune XD

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