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You can't ride in all directions at once.

Don't try to do too many things at one time.
Also: Add "in bed" at the end of it for a great laugh
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Meaning: Please see a doctor immediately.
The Door has always been open, you need only turn around and walk.

This means that you are capable of anything and the world, though it may seem closed, is still a mystery and that you need only turn around to find your path through it.
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"Love is war, love is blind, please, just listen to your mind"
Don't let your heart tell you everything. If your hears "thinks" you love someone, you have to use your brain to find if someone is the right one for you.
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Enjoy life while you can~ don't do something so stupid, or you will regret it in the future, you can't go back and fix it.
Meaning: It basically tells you in my fortune for others to read :3
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It doesn't matter if you can out run the bear, it matter is you can out run the slowest person running from it.
It means, it doesn't matter what may come along, as long as you can do something to your best that someone else can't, you'll be headed on the path to success.
Or it means if you're ever running for your life from a bear, make sure you're not the slowest person. xd
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Sometimes laughing at the darkest things can be the greatest form of therapy.
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You will have a good night (in bed)

**adding "in bed" to any boring fortune makes it automatically better**
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Ghosts are tha world. ^ ^
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You know, its funny that you should mention eating chinese food for lunch cause thats EXACTLY what I had yesterday! lol. And I totally agree with you, my fortune didnt make any sense to me. I believe it said someting like "Go ahead and get this over with, someone is waiting for you on that." I kid you not. Worst fortune I ever got. XD Why cant you get something thats more realistic like.. "You'll be going a trip sometime soon." and technically speaking you would, especially if you opened it at the restaurant and after wards you leave. XD lol. No but seriously, if you want a trick to make your fortune sound more fun or should I say HILARIOUS!! Add the phrase "In bed" at the end of every fortune. You'll be surprised how funny some of them turn out. But if I had to come up with any kind of fortune, I think I'd like to find something that says:
"Brilliance is untamed, be the beast."
Meaning: Some of the worlds most majestic views are wild, they were born brilliant and untamed.
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You will fail in life, give it up

It telling me to go die.
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We are stuck here making fortune cookie fortunes! We are making plans but so far none succeeded, we need you to bring a boat.

When people are in need of help lend a hand.
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no one can be a better you, but you, don't let others bring you down based on the fact that your not someone else.
Man's gotta do what a man must. Remember that you are a Jedi.

Dare to differ from the mainstream/mass/crew. C:
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I was actually made in Houston, Texas!

Moral: Always read the package that the fortune cookie came in. (True story too actually lol.)

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