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If by chance you win or if by chance you do not, may there never be a single doubt.
The time for action is nigh.

Whether you make your opinion known or not is entirely up to you, although the very worst question to ask yourself is, "What if..?" Please don't make this mistake. Seize the day and make your voice heard.
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The true definition of "fortune" can be found everywhere.

Money isn't the only means of being rich. Good friends and family and good times is just as valuable (if not more) than money.
"Change is easy, yet the hard part is in the when and how."

The above phrase is a message in the adaption of any sort of situation one faces in life. It's ok to think about changing something, but know that once the choice is made to change something...just be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.
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Who won this contest? surprised
In town or at a rally help your friends and your allies in this game you will go far if you deck out your avatar.

Meaning: If you can dream it you can do it!!!! Play Gaia now to earn more Gaia cash. biggrin
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lol, i'm just under 5 foot

I slouch because a lot of the people I know are shorter than me. My cousins are the only people I know that are taller than me. I'm 5'11, almost 6'0 whee
i run_buses
really? I've always been the short kid with the tall friends who look down at me, do you know how much it hurts your neck to look up at people all day?

I'm jelous of short people. I've always been the tall kid.

Never tease an armed midget with a high-five.

I think that this is self-explanatory!
Love~ Midget
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Congratz to the winners of the fortune cookie contest!


your prizes are awaiting you in your inventory!

Thanks to all who participated and best of luck in our future contests!

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