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The wise man says "only fools fail in love and life". Take a hint sucker find someone to love before its too late for you.

This means you only have one life to live so, live it well and hard. Don't be afraid of love because love brings joy, happiness, and self-confidence.
DJ Helsing
Can you create a better fortune then the fortunes that we recieved with our lunch order?

Here is a list of these horrific and boring fortunes:

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User Image
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Always try your hardest, no matter what your are doing. Accomplishments are made that way.

Meaning: No matter how major/ minor the thing you are doing is, try your hardest. That is how you will find success. emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
You just ate cat.
Nothing like eating at a slightly sketchy (but delicious) Chinese restaurant and getting this fortune...
My fortune: "Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you're gonna get..."
When heads roll at work, and pots and pans fly at home, it's time to go fishin' for the biggest cat you can find!

You can think while fishin,' you have to have peace and quiet anyway, and you might take home a good dinner!
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"Irritating delays always wait in someone's schedule"
I don't have a computer so I go to the library to try to post one fortune a day but someone always at the last minute wants me to do something before I go and I hate it. I know it's not just me who hates this. I'm sure that someone out there understands my frustration.
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What’s your unique 25 word fortune cookie phrase, and what does it represent?

'Inspire people. Material has nothing to do with it. Imagination is your only tool. Words are only instruments. Creativity is your weapon. Embrace it dearly.'

It does not take material things to make a statement. Having the thought to do something worthwhile for you and everyone else is enough. Don't think too much. You is enough.
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be on the look-out when the clock strikes twelve
that's thy lucky time i do foretell, but do be careful and avoid guys in black---

something of extraordinary measure would happen to you on the twelfth hour of the day, but of course there is a force that is against you,, be careful of the guys wearing black(major shade of their shirt) or better yet, avoid them, for they may want to prevent this event to happen to you
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When you are faced with a fortune cookie challenge, but are lacking sufficient time, look it straight in the eye, and make a light-hearted rhyme.

Yeah, um for those numerous moments when you're asked to make up a fortune, it might get you some kudos if you make it rhyme. awww yeahhh emotion_dealwithit
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1.After the dark there always a light meaning after a problem theres always a good thing in return
2.After lonliness you get a gift that means its k being lonely a lil since theres always a friend after every min
3.All the losers are a winners which means even if u r a loser u can always change it to be a winner so dun let any1 say ur a loser
4. Fear knocked at door come in its always ur room
meaning even if u left n never come bk u will always own this place which is success
When you smile you have one less thing to worry about. When you laugh you have one more thing to be happy about. When you cry you have a million things to worry about.... MEANING make a problem a good one because life is to short to wast it sobbing.
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Don't Let Doubts Or Fear Get In The Way Of Your Greatness.

This means that you should take a risk. Try to fulfill your wishes. The worst thing you could do in life is not even try. This fortune wants you to succeed in life. It wants you to have gone for your goals. The fortune represents the choice of you going for your dreams or you wallowing in regret because you didn't try. If you tried, you did something to better yourself and those around you. If you don't try, it seems as if you don't want to get better.
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Don't worry about the fall, worry about the landing.

The road you to took to reach the end result, no matter the obstacles, isn't something to be worried about. The end that you hope to gain might have been difficult to achieve, but the end result tells you if you succeeded in that goal. For good or ill, the road you took to get there had to be taken and enough challenges and time will tell you if it was worthwhile.

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