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Open a closed door to meet new challenges.
Meaning: Do something out of the ordinary for fun, you never know what will happen.
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You will never be alone even in the darkest room.

There is always some who has been, is in, or will be in the situation who can or will be able to relate to you.

If one did not read the meaning, they would probably piss themselves, because someone is out to get them. lol.
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"When we long for live without difficulties remind us that Oaks grow strong in county winds and Diamonds are made under pressure."
It speaks its meaning in its self. smile
My friend has it tattoo'd on her side and I LOVE it...I would love to get it tattoo'd too.
If you wish to fly like a butterfly, then don't flap like a crow.

I guess it means that like if you wish to be like beautiful or gracful like, then u should act like it insted of acting like the opposit.

Another fortune cookie was: What might seems dark today, may be clear in the days to come."

and funny thing is it came true a couple of days later when rewatching Ouran Highschool Host Club, when They said that the director also did the movie "Millenium Snow" which is actully the bmanga that the creater ditched and never finished to make Ouran Highschool Host Club.

And the fortune cookie means that you might not get it today,but you might in the future. 3nodding
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You must reply to this thread with your Unique 25 Word Fortune Cookie Phrase and tell us what it represents. Incomplete entries and spam posts will be disqualified.

A smile is a curve that can get a lot of things straight and a friendly word can open the way to doors yet unopened.

By sharing a simple smile you can not only brighten a person's day and make your self feel better but can change a situation to a positive experience. How many times do you crave a friendly word and a smile to make you feel less alone or feel better, others have the same feelings. By being positive, warm and friendly towards others you will find that things never open to you suddenly become available, making your life a far richer experience in ways you never knew possible.
Remember don't pass by people without a smile or kind word because you don't know what awaits you. smile
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Just post your fortune below for your shot at the prize!

Friends are there for a reason. If ever in distress, a friend will get you through it.
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Life is like painting a picture; you can paint the picture how ever you want so it can shine the best. This means that like you an make a picture how you want it to look, you can guide your life down the right wink or wrong burning_eyes path because of your choices.
"For customer service, please open next cookie."

I don't know about everyone else, but I never get a fortune with my cookie... I always wind up getting statement cookies... You know, "fortunes" like: "honesty is the best policy" or "a stranger is the friend next door." This is for everyone who's still waiting to open an actual fortune from a fortune cookie. xp
You are a kind and generous person.

But... What if I'm not? You don't know me you strange cookie!
Life has its up and downs. Like my moody emotions!!
Meaning that life has its mood swings too but always comes around with great hope smile
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There shall be Llamas. There will be many Llamas. They will look, act and smell like Llamas. It shall be a Llamaful experience for you.

Means you left the toaster on.
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Look through the glasses of others or you shall perish with a glass stuck in your eye

It means that you should look through other's eyes, because, if you don't, you might regret it later on.
The man who closes his eyes and leaps to accomplish his dreams, ends up in ICU with poop on his shoes.

When you close your eyes to the reality you are IN and where you want to go, you create an outcome of pain, losing your way, and ending up somewhere you never wanted to be. Losing touch with reality can break more than you dreams, it can break your heart, your faith, your bones, and land you in one huge pile of sh*t. (poo).

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN WHEN YOU LEAP SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT/WHERE YOU ARE LANDING ON/IN. (as a dog lover, i appreciate the reminder to look where i am stepping/landing at all times!)
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When life gives you an opportunity, take it. If you are considering, just think, would I rather lie on my death bed saying I would of, I should of, or I did?

Meaning: Take opportunities, you never know how wonderfully they could change your life! emotion_bigheart
You must open the door, to know who is knocking.

Meaning: We are often told that opportunity will come knocking if we are patient, Perhaps it will, perhaps it won't. If you don't open the door you could miss opportunity knocking, or the fire department evacuating you as the building burns down. Either way- you won't know without getting off your butt, and taking that first step of opening the door (being open to all possiblity).

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