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"If you find your self missing that which you cant find, one only need to turn around and look again"

Your Lucky numbers are 15 19 87 43 22 56

I think my meaning is self explanatory and does not need me to tell you what it means.
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Fortune: Are you going to sit on your butt and mope around, or will you get up and do something about it?

It means when something's got you down, don't just sit there and let it keep hurting you. Put a positive spin on it or take action to make your life better.
"Be aware of your emotions, it can spread like a virus."

If you're happy you can spread that happiness with other people and make their day a little better.
But if you're angry, you might spread that anger with other people and it might create of cycle.
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"Better luck next time, please play again"

Life sucks so keep trying until you get it right
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Trail. Failure. Succeed.
- means that you try and if you fail try again and then you'll success cuz nothing is impossible yum_strawberry (: yum_strawberry
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Love can be like a three-legged race on glass

When you find love, you'll discover a lot more difficult situations that you might have never experienced before and not all of them can be solved by yourself.
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Explanation: You only live once. So why not live life to the fullest?
He who goes to bed with a itchy booty, wakes up with smelly fingers.

That's just what my dad used to always say when he opened his cookie at dinner no matter what it really said. xd i really miss him </3
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                              Your kite may fly away into the unknown and you may be tempted to give up
                              your journey to restore it but continue your search.

                              *This means that the goal you want to achieve or something that you
                              really want to get, you're so close to getting it that you missed
                              your chance, but there will be plenty of other chances so don't
                              just sit there and watch your opportunities go to waste. If you
                              really want it, you'll try harder to catch that kite. smile *
Before you can eat your cake you have to make it, but don't forget perfection takes time.
Basically don't rush to live your life, take slow and make every moment count.

SN: This generation is growing up to fast, they should understand the concept of live and take it slow instead of trying to do everything right away, but it doesn't mean live a boring life.
Life,the best reward of them all.

Cherish your life,because it's the best thing God can ever give you.
Your dream will come true with Hard work and patience .

Never give up be patient because in the end you will succeed . biggrin
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Want to have a dress that looks perfect on me!!! smile
He who does not check the cookie, eats his fortune. whee

Meaning: Don't always assume that what your eating or doing is safe.
DJ Helsing
Can you create a better fortune then the fortunes that we recieved with our lunch order?

It's about time I got out of that cookie.
Don't spit against the wind.

I seriously got these in fortune cookies, too.

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