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A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts.
there will always be s**t just live with it and maby you'll find a golden s**t
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Let your mouth stay closed and quiet in times of crisis, you may utter words you do not mean, causing you more harm then good.

Just as it says. In times of crisis, people are known to waggle their tongues and say things they don't mean. They should be guarded against it, or it may be their last words.
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"That wasn't chicken."

What you ate probably wasn't chicken....
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Ruthless Genius

"Happiness comes through the merry gates."

Smile, and people will want to keep you smiling.
Frowning only makes the sadness stronger.
"The bottom of the ladder is crowded. There's plenty of room at the top."

It's harder to be on top, so there's plenty of room. Just because it's easy to stay at the bottom, doesn't mean you should.
You will own a plate house.
It means that i will own a plate house. :/
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Questionable Genius

May all the RIG's in your life give you top prize.

Means: Be a winner!
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"The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open."
It means, don't be so closed minded, try to expand your thoughts and ideas.
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Tiny Evader

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Look out the window! There's a window!
That means when you look outside from your own window, there you will see another window. Who knows? It might possibly be yours too. Why are you reading this in a fortune cookie? Well, it could be useful when you need to state the obvious.

Of course, Gaiaonline wouldn't accept something like this because they will take something involving with their website or internet related. So "I roose the game". lolololol.
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"You laugh because it's impossible. I laugh because you're stupid."

Meaning: Laugh at those who think the possible is impossible... because they're just not right in the head!
The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Definition: You have to work in order to prosper, you can't get successful without working.
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If you try to be some else you won't get very far FACT, but if you be yourself you'll get far very far. GUARANTEED
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Gracious Survivor

When life gives you lemons, make apple juice and watch, like a boss, as everyone wonders how you did it.

Life often dose not turn out how you expect. Roll with it and enjoy seeing what happens afterward.
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You will soon be chased by an angry mob of grunnies.

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