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Being gay is not a choice , being gay means your chosen .

What does it mean . Gay empowerment im all about equal rights and a stronger believer of loud and proud emotion_awesome
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What’s your unique 25 word fortune cookie phrase, and what does it represent?

Children Will play a big part in your life
It means exactly what it says. Meaning the person who gets this fortune will probably either one, have lots of children, have a job as a teacher, foster parent, etc.
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"There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome, no hardship that will not end, and there is no problem without a solution. Except the aliens."

With enough hard work, every problem can be fixed. Unless you have an alien invasion, in which case you just have to hide and hope the Doctor is watching. cool
Fortune is on its way to you. Take : Careful Affection, or it will not last long.
Do not attempt to be too witty when it arrives.

Since Fortune comes to us most everyday in some way I think it is like a seed. If you take Careful Affection, it will grow and last and may have the possibility to become great. If you do not become too witty, you may grow and find that fortunes are 1 part luck, and 99% Careful Affection.

DJ Helsing

Chinese Fortune Cookie Recipe

fortune sayings, cut up and ready to insert.
3 egg whites
½ cup confectioner's sugar (icing sugar) - sifted
1.5 oz (45g) sweet (unsalted) butter - melted
½ cup all-purpose (plain) flour

Pre-heat Oven to moderate 355o F (180oC).

Draw three 3.5 inch (8 cm) circles on a sheet of baking paper.

Line oven tray with the baking paper.

Place egg whites in a medium bowl and beat until just frothy.

Add the icing sugar and butter. Stir until smooth.

Next add the flour and continue to stir until smooth.

Allow to stand for 15 minutes.

Then using a flat-bladed knife/spatula (like using for chocolate), spread 1½ level teaspoons of mixture in each circle.

Bake for 5 minutes or until slightly colored around edges.

Take from oven and work quickly.

Remove one cookie at a time from the tray by sliding the flat-bladed knife/spatula under gently.

Place the written fortune on top and fold in half. And then in half again over a blunt-edged object - like a mixing bowl.

Allow to cool and then transfer to a wire rack to cool further.
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It's not chicken

It means that even though your mother once told you that what you were eating was
chicken, it really wasn't. It was actually some type of food, like frog, that you wouldn't
eat otherwise if she had said it was chicken.
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Imperfections are the key to life.

Basically, no one's perfect and we all make mistakes. Enjoy all of life's little flaws because without them, everyone would be the same.
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If you can create a single song that touches someone, then you're on your way to touching millions. So don’t neglect your creativity at all.

Reasoning: Just a simple little fortune that reminds people to not let their words and creative spirit to slip out of them.
True wisdom comes from deep inside your head not books lesson you dont have to read books to be smart
Help! I am trapped in a fortune cookie factory! I am running out of cookies! Send help! Send food! Send water! Just get me out!

meaning: get me out of the factory I'm trapped!
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When life gives you oranges, make lemonade and leave the world saying "how the hell did you do that?"

-Means anything is possible if you set your mind to it or make oranges into lemonade
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you will find a game worth your time called GAIA Online and will be blown away at the amazing items you can equip and of course you will be amazed at the art arena remember this is a 100% REAL FORTUNE we people at the fake gardens wish you a merry noodles

Lucky Numbers: 78 39 01 24 57

you will receive another fortune by buying our COMBO DEAL MEAL avalable for 12.45 cents enjoy XD -coolice119

the basic meaning of this fortune means you will find something worth looking for.....could be that lost TV remote XD
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The fortune cookie has no fortune to tell you, but here's an obvious one: you will die someday, somewhere, somehow. i hope you already knew this

it means that you will die... too obvious?
but if you look on the other side, it can also mean that you're in trouble and you already know it.
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Decisions are a disease and your heart is the cure, balance in all things will reject a plague.

This means: Equality and harmony in your choices determine yours life's circumstance; your heart will thank you for it.
Look into your heart for the strength to get you through the pain. It is hurting a lot now, but it will make you stronger.

Meaning- Even when life gets you down, and you feel like you can't get back up, there is always love and hope. Also, the pain will make you a stronger person in the end. : )
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the flying moose is equal to the air-breathing fish...as the meowing dog is equal to the barking dog in strangeness and oddities too
do not be afraid to be strange...for it is oddities that make us unique

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