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You may see a bad storm ahead of you,but on the other side there is a beautiful rainbow to greet you at the end.

(Meaning:Things may seem bad in the future,but things will end in happiness.)
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What’s your unique 25 word fortune cookie phrase, and what does it represent?

I got one:

"Shame on you for thinking a cookie is psychic!" rofl

I thought of it because everyone is always looking for some witty advice in a cookie, like it has the ability to think! LOL
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Don't eat the yellow snow.
It means please, please don't eat the snow with urine on it. smile
When life gives you lemons, throw them back and say "I said I wanted cookies!" )=<

When life gets you down just remember there's another day to come and next time you might get cookies so keep pressing forward XD
To be edited. heart
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Don't sit around waiting for the chance to reach you. Go out there and make it happen. Life may not end up bringing it back.

Meant for everyone with their life ahead of them. As we live we look back and realize there were things we could have gained, hearts we could have reached if we had just moved out of our shelves... If you see a chance, doesn't matter how old you are, if you see a chance of something that can make you happy, go grab it instead of regretting it for years to come.
I have inserted my awesomeness.

You have a reply inserted.
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"Introducir" means to insert, not to introduce. You can guess what your serious friends are thinking if you were to say "te introduzco a Max".

Represents: Beware of false cognates today, they are not your friends.
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It is a bad idea to make people count the words to know if there are enough to enter the contest. Because I said so.

It means that I posted this for fun xd
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Out of hardship, you may lose a few things but it's what you gain that matters most.

Explanation: I went through a severe period of depression. I lost a number of friendships among other things, but the friends that stuck by me made me really realize who was there for me, gonna watch out for me. When things got really hard and horrible for me, those that stuck with me are the ones I cherish the most.

TL;DR: Those who stick by you in the worst times are the best friends you could ever have
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You will read something interesting today.
Have fun with life and don't let it get you down.

We only live once, right? So, have fun and live it up, no matter what happens. ^_^
Go with the flow of the river, before you get swept under the current and drown in the dark of the depths of the sea.

It means that dont lose yourself to the world around you, or you might become lost
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No matter what happens in life always remember this; There's always a brighter crayon than the one you pulled from the Crayola box.

We always go through those dark stages in life and very quickly forget that the sun comes tomorrow and that we have to hang on till then. If everyone was walking around with a gray or black or any other dull colored crayon because that's the first one they pulled, they'd quickly forget about the yellow or the pink or maybe even neon colors. They just have to learn to look again and pull a brighter color and suddenly all the gray goes away! Just like someone who was down and finally decided to look out the dirty window and let the sunshine in for a change.
When in doubt, whip it out.

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