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The ghosts, they're to cute and they each have their own individual faces its awesome!
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Monkeybar monster mrgreen
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Vlad! Cause he's super cute and vampires are my favorite fictional monster heart .
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I like the teddybear mummy. Its cute...lol and just awesome.
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Gabrielle. She's adorable and we share a name

that is an unbreakable bond right there.
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That Frankenstein thing, cause he has birds on his head.
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Monkeybar <<<3
Mummy bear is adorable I got to admit 4laugh that's my fave one heart
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My favorite Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove monster has always been Gabrielle herself. While some may not consider her a monster she did become a ghost which is a monster. She's so tiny yet cute and not scary, not that the others are just that she would be less freighting then a real ghost heart

Her dancing gets me right off my feet even if I don't need to be for the wii version. Though this 3D version has me worried since 3D tends to make me sick, however, I will still look into it ^_^
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vote vote voted!!!!
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Vlad the Vampire!
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monkey bar so cute
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Sexy Jess-chan
Vlad the Vampire I love everything that has to do with vampires.
oh I have to agree to that one too
Monkeybar and Vlad = heart

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