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What’s your favorite monster in Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove?

That Teddy bear mummy! I wish I had one as a plush; they're so frighteningly cute!

i totally agree. i love that one too.
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monkeybar its so adorable~ and monkeys are just too cute. emotion_dowant
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Monkeybar. c;
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Teddy bear Kawaii~! It looks like glommy Bear But Purple and More Easier to Approach
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My favorite monster?

I hope Vlad counts.
How could you not like a dancing purple vampire with an awesome outfit?!
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I like the mummy bear because he is a very funny character in the game and he's a cute little bear with sweet dance moves on the Wii version! rofl heart
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I love the Mummy Bear, so cute. emotion_kirakira

... that's really the only reason. I just like cute things. heart
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monkeybar is win and i'm mostly entering for gold xD
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Vlad the vampire heart heart heart
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I love the look of the zombies X3 heart
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Monkey bar. Monkeys are too CUTE. >w<
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I would say Monkey Bar,
Because I LOVE Monkeys irl.
Mummy Bear. ♥
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The Frankenstein was my favorite 4laugh
his cheeks and smile were the best ~
Monkey Bar

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