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After a quick trip to the museum i decided my favorite item is last year's Mwee the Dragon.. i simply love dragons and the black and purple colors would match my color themed avi n_n who wouldn't want a cute little dragon companion...i can imagine all the students bringing in charred pieces of paper and going "my dragon burned my homework"....but if your an adventurer like me who has passed the time of classrooms and homework a dragon is a wonderful companion who could help you out if you got cornered by the wrong kind of monster... that is why it would be my favorite item to have n_n
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It's a tie between the Shadow Spirit and Mwee the Dragon. Mwee the Dragon because I'm a sucker for reptiles and the Shadow Spirit because I wanted one from the moment I signed on to Gaia heart
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GRUUNNYY!! because there pretty afordable to any gaian. And there really aswesome Im surprised its not more gold on the MP. But yeah grunny for sure.
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The Devil Tail.

Dues to the fact that i have always wanted it and am also questing it. Simply amazing.
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I love the Gothic Veil! heart It's an awesome item because I just love the color. And I love scarfs. heart
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The grunny. It's cute, it fit very well with the Gaia storyline, and it could be used in so many different ways. I loved it, and I still regret selling mine neutral
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I would honestly have to say that I am torn between two Monthly Collectibles.

The first would have to be the iconic Demonic Pitchfork. It is a wonderful Item that distributes the dark property that an avatar can possess very well. It gives off the sense of evil as well as power, without the overbearing stench of the "Look I have a pitchfork so I am goth!" stigma overreaching the greatness of the item.
(I generally hate items listed as goth, because they are only listed in the way the hipsters see them...which sometimes isn't even goth at all.)

The second, but definitely not the lesser, would have to be the newest one that came out. The Black widow is a simple Item and very well done to suit the name. The devilish smile has to be my favorite part of the item - it goes very well with a correctly created dark avatar without any problems what so ever.
My fave October item would have to be the golden fleece I love those gold horns. heart
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my favorite is Forlorn Opera Singer because i just heart the purple hair and the face have the Halloween feeling to it! gaia_gaiagold
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The Grunny 3nodding
You can make it look cute or evil. It is also a good pet accessory and can fit well with an avatar.

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i like the devil tale casue its got da funk pirate emotion_zombie
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I love all the monthly collectible! They are all so stylish and they look great when you combine them with other outfits! The color and design are very fashionable and you've have a different idea to every time you wear them. I love how you design and thought of these wonderful and outstanding clothes/items.

Keep up the good Gaia developers! heart

Why? Cause I like to say DandiiDooDad.
What’s your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!

My favorite October Monthly collectable would hands-down have to be the Pixie. It was the very first monthly collectable that I actually used real world money to buy because I had to have it that badly. Now I have like, 3 of them and they are actually my favorite item in all of Gaia next to the Fairy wings from the gold shop. I'm a huge fairy/pixie fan and I just love it. I think the the pixie clips pose is the best and I use it in most of my outfits. Not to mention, I'm a huge Zelda fan and one of the poses looks like Navi from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - one of favorite video games. I really could go on, but that about sums it up!
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I would have to say that the mwee dragon is my favorite, its the only one of them that I own. biggrin

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