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Honestly, I love this October's Black Widow. I love that creepier side of stuff. And I think it fits so lovely with Oct. being the month where we have Halloween. I saw it and wanted one right away.
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I would have to say my favorite of all time would be the 2010 Ruby Pendant. It wasn't anything outrageous, but it could be used in a number of ways. I had one for a long time, then I sold it. Got a few good things in return, but I have to say, I loved that thing while I had it.
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Conservative Lover

The Devil Tail
It's just that this item really fits on everyone especially me.
And also, it kinda looks pretty unique from all of the other kinds of tail.
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Invisible Giver

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I really like both Coco and the gothic veil. I've always had a thing for black cats, and let's face it, who can honestly say that coco isn't loved? As for the veil, I like the lacey look and bows, it's as it's name suggests quite gothic and unique biggrin
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It is hard to say. XP
There are so many good ones!
But since I can only pick one I would pick the Black Widow.
It has that creepy, Halloween feeling to it and just fits the month of October.
What got me even more was the lips with the blood, very cool!!
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Invisible Healer

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Ive always liked the Shadow Spirit, but I missed out on getting it. sweatdrop
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i have never had a collectable sooo thats why i'm trying out for this. Hoping that i get it but if not o well.
I think a good one is Will-o-the-Wisp! I like ghosts.
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definiatly have to say devil tail. i tend to go with a demonic look for my avatar twisted
I know I missed the deadline by 21 minutes, but I have to say this October's Black Widow is gorgeous. ^^ heart
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Gracious Fairy

my favorite monthly collectible would have to be "Gothic Veil". This collectible is my favorite because it's very elegant and pretty, full of lace and sheer fabric.

I've loved this collectible since it came out, and it was the first "dream item" quest I completed.
THE GRUNNY! i absolutely love the bunny...devil is nice also but i honestly feel more for the grunny because its a cute toxic green bunny that can take over gaian when on the loose XD i havent tried for one yet sweatdrop probe because gaians seem to price things highly lately...like the devil tail...so it makes to were you have to sell alot of your items to get the one you want...which is generally worth it in the end if its items you dont use....but i love the grunny heart
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The Angelic Sash cause its cute and pretty and I think it would look perfect on a little angel like me heart heart heart
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I would have to say the Devil Tail is my favorite. It matches my style and its adorable in an evil way.(If thats possible) biggrin
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What’s your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!
Thank You Letter for October 2003 (Any) why? well trying to get all Oct. collectibles because Oct.3 is my birthday...call me weird but i feel i have to get one of each Oct. collectible... razz

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