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Devil Tail, because they make are a simple way to make any avatar devilish.
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Goodness. If only ya'll were doing august. I would cry for those headphones..and maybe cut off a pinky.. ninja

But hmm. More then likely the Devil Tail. Its cute and subtle for my goodness sakes halloween's coming up. I've got the horns. Now I need the tail. Por Favor Muchacho...

I think that made no sense. sweatdrop
the mwee came close since im a dragon whore and plushie collector heart
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My favorite March collectible would have to be the devil Tail~

Its an original and looks awesometastic~
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My favorite would have to be Mwee the Dragon. Why, you may ask? He . . . she? . . . is just absolutely adorable! I live for adorable things.

If only this were for evolving items, though . . . Love Fausto's Bottle.
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Devil Tail!!!
It looks very cool!
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How in the world did the Devil Tails get so expensive??? i asked many people about it. the REASON: IT'S OLD AND LIMITED. If it wasn't. it would be my number one October MC. Gives your avi a "good taste". Right?

Well, having one is a luxury in the life of a gaian. Like, 70m in just one buy. Whoo!

Stab and Slash em wit your Devil Tails people!
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GOLDEN FLEECE. I love sheep and the color gold so it was a perfect combo. Cute scarf and horns + really useful legwarmers = heart
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Did somebody say, GRUNNY?
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Gothic Veil, hands down (:

Gaia Items like Gothic Veil (And Gothic Butterfly) let me be Gothic when my parents and people around me won't... YAY, GOTH! So... Gothic Veil, definitly.
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My favorite October MC would have to be Gothic Veil, because it was the first MC item that I ever bought. (Back when it was only 2oK) and I still own it, to this day. c: It's very special to me.
Kong Sang Scarf. Beacuse it looks really cool and it has an awesome blue color, and I like blue color so much!
CoCo kitty plushy

Its just so cute and I love cats and animals so it would be purrfect biggrin
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My favorite October MC is the Kong Sang Scarf because I love that dark blue color and the scarf itself looks amazing!
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The Gothic Veil, love the color and great poses.
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I like the October 2007 October Monthly Collectible the best.

Because: Vampire Hunter Hat.

It's a freaking sweet hat, I am not even joking. biggrin

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