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My favorite October MC would have to be the Vampire Hunter Hat.

Stylish, efficient in JRPG avatars and works eerily well with a lot of outfits.
i'd have to say coco kitty, because it was the first ever expensive item i had gotten two to four years ago. i was very proud of myself, and it was the cutest thing ever! and then when the price went up, i had sold it ~

i remember always equipping the coco kitty on my avatar because i was so proud pfft ahaha!
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Interesting Gekko

My Favourite October MC is the Coco Kitty Plushie, because it reminds me of my own cat. It's cuddly, innocent looking,and very versatile and I can't see myself without it, AT ALL.
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Coco kitty heart
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I don't really buy MC's because they're expensive when you buy them with GCash, so i buy them with Gold... well only the cheap ones...

but if I had to pick i'd say the Devils Tail xD i'd just like to have a tail like that haha you can pare it up with any item, dress, etc. xD
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steel plated band want it so bad
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My favourite October MC is the Dreamer's Dust. Why? Sparkley butterflies. Enough said biggrin
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The Rouge Bravo
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Partying Businesswoman

My Favourite MC is The Devil Tail or anything esle C:
Maaan im Never gonna win xD.
So much people is going to reply on this thread that i have a 1% I'd get it ;c
Devil Tail was my favourite MC ever since i started at 2006.

I remember I thought I was really cool for having 1k xD. But after awhile I stopped playing at 2007. My brother got really rich but I don't know how, I tried asking him but he would just ignore me. I rejoined back at 2010 because my friend started to play it.She wanted it a Devil Tail too so I tried to help her. Slowly my friend quit and gave me all her stuff. She only reached about 30mil until someone hacked her. My sister gave me a Shibuya Nobody and that's when I started my journey.

But it would be the greatest thing if i ever had a devil tail or anything
I wish someone gifted me a Devil Tail or anything for my birthday(tomorrow)
the best gift i got so far is the angelic manner biggrin
^ everything i wrote was my gaia life story biggrin
definitely devil tail. you can pair it with any outfit and still look devilishly cute.
a wizard with a devil tail? great!
a ghost with a devil tail? cool!
a noob with a devil tail? even better.
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Grunny, green, cute, evil... Need I say more.
Rogue Bravado

Rogue Bravado is a rich kid masquerading as a thief. He may look cool dressed in silver and scarlet-lined leather, but he's a little too conspicuous to steal anything.
His ensemble includes a cowl, embossed, leather jacket, tailored trousers, double-wielded sword and dagger, and thief's loot.

My favourite is Rouge Bravado, the double-wielded sword. I like it because it looks cool on me. I also like it more than other because some of the others don't really suite me so, i like the sword. I also like it because all my friends that are guys have it. I try to earn gaia cash but i never seem to have enough.
ninja I am DiegoMQ and i like the Rogue Bravado, the Double-Wielded Sword. ninja
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Sparkly Gawker

Oh man. Staff of the Angels. XD
You just don't know. It was the first donation item that I ever wanted. I saw it on the mp and went 'ooooh!' I remember trying so hard to get it, how I passed up winged anklets for 4k, trying to find a cheap listing. (oh how things change!) It took me til the beginning of January to get it, and my computer had went down before Christmas, so I had snuck on at the beginning of class, the day school started back up. It was a happy day for me, getting my staff for 8.4k. rofl And it wasn't just about getting the item. It will always stand to me, as a great time to be in love with Gaia.
Black Widow, it shows cleavage, I'm so immature razz
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ninja band

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