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Moonlight Phantom

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The grunny. I love zombies, rabbits and color green. It just goes all together to make a favorite. User Image Who doesn't love the adorable little brain eater?
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grunny of course!!! i use him when i play zOMG!
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My favourite October monthly collectible is the CoCo kitty plushie, it's cute and looks very cuddly and it my best friend bought me one as a gift (one from the marketplace) so I have very fond memories of it <3
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Devil Tail gets my vote biggrin /
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My favorite monthly collectible of all time is the Nitemare Scarf, I been wanting that item for my avatar forever and they are 7mil in the marketplace now. gonk
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I have to say that my favorite October MC is the Shadow Spirit. When I first got one, it was the perfect little companion to any of my black/violet/white avatars; The BVW theme was my favorite one for a very long time, so I was using it constantly in one form or another. Even removing the black, it worked - Because Gaia was so kind to give us the little Hitodama that many of us petitioned for...And they were violet!

That's got to be the biggest determining factor for me, that petition I signed ages ago. I don't know if Gaia really did listen to us, or if they'd been planning it all along...But that one little item made me feel important when it came out. I felt like our voices had been heard when we got our hitodama!

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probably black widow its awesome its perfect for halloween i was gonna submit my dream avi at the arenas but i cant cause im not finished with it but my great item on it is the black widow its bloody elegant and thats it
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Eloquent Ladykiller

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The demonic pitchfork. Its the first item I can recall questing for. I saved my gold for 3 months in order to get it when it was 70k on the market.

I love the poses, its by far one of the best handhelds gaia has ever created. Just a classic!
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Well my favorite October MC is the one on October 2007. Well specifically the Gothic Veil. It's nice and i'm still keeping it in my inventory since i got it last well, i don't know the exact date but it was on that year.

Especially when i use it on with the Oculus Mythica(no eyes). Yeah, too bloody and looks good together and oh i LOVE dark things that's why smile

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The Devil tail cus it looks good on any avatar
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Um, I also do not purchase MC's, but from what I have seen, I really like the Black Sheep & Maleficent Seven and Lunar Sash & Bani the Bunny. biggrin So hard to choose!!! xp -10 minutes later- Okay, I have made my decision! I think the Lunar Sash & Bani the Bunny is the best MC because it has a decent amount of different styles/ways it can be put on, it has 2 main colors (blue and white) that are easy to be matched with other accessories.. and lastly, because its so adorable!! xD I want to buy it! >_<
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I personally really like the Kong Sang Scarf the best out of all the October MC's. It's probably the best scarf item there is on the site in my opinion, and I love the face-wrap type position you can wear. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it's blue (even though it looks like I really like blue) because my favorite color is dark green, but I do like that I can match it with outfits, whereas some colors are very hard to find matching shades of other items.

I would be wearing it now, but I was trying on my other newer items and my Mac refuses to let me update my avatar or profile, so I can't update it until I get on another computer.
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Invisible Regular

The CoCo Kitty Plushie is definitely one of my favorites. I think a big contributing factor is that Oct. 2005 was the month I joined Gaia, so I'm a bit partial to things that entered this world at thee same time. I also love how many different poses CoCo has, so you can make her work with nearly any avatar any layering. cat_ninja
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Profitable Prophet

My favorite October monthly collectible is the Demonic Pitchfork. I got hacked a couple of years ago and it took me awhile to get back items but one of the first items I wanted was the pitchfork.

I own one and it's one of my favorite items.
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Coco kitty plushie for sure.
That cat is the opposite of kiki kitty and was one of the first few animal plushies on gaia.

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