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The devil tail yum_puddi super cute and i just luv it
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I think the gothic veil is my all time favorite october MC, why? Well it was the first item I wanted since I started gaia, it has lace, which I loove; and the one I have was a gift from a very special friend.
My favorite would have to be the Demonic Amour, theres something very mysterious yet sexy about the costume and the design of the whole thing is really nice. Needless to say thats why i own 3 of them twisted
Shadow Spirit
that is really cool and cute
I'd have to say either the Demonic Anklets or the Devil Tail. As for why, it's because of how they can go with almost any outfit and look good smile
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The Grunny, It Has Become A Symbol Of Gaia Which We All Know Of, Its Not "Too" Expensive, Many People Love To Own It, Its Someones Long waited item as its an early version of an I Am... Item!
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I would pick Mwee the Dragon because dragons are adorable and I would love to have a pet dragon, if only.....
Gothic Veil because the corset piece just looks like so pretty to me and I love the blind fold and hair pieces to it as well. So much detail in the edges of some of the pieces of it. Alsoooo, the way it looks like its' shimmering amuses me.
Shadow Spirit
that is really cool and cute xd
The October 2003 Monthly Collectible is awesome because the devil is going like awesome.... it is awesome and angelic sash is awesome cause it goes with alot of my outfits
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The Grunny because what is cuter than a green bunny! NOTHING!!!!
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My favorite October Monthly Collectible would probably be the Shadow Spirit. It has some pretty sweet poses for many avatars and is fairly affordable.
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My favorite ever October MC was the Demonic Pitchfork of 2004.I was not yet a member when it was released but I fell in love with it quickly. Its my favorite because it was the first expensive item I have ever quested and it goes with a lot of my avatars. I felt so accomplished when I finished that quest and its probably my favorite item on all of gaia.
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Devil Tail! It's got the attitude, style, and air of mystique from such a relic of past times on a site prominent of the Golden Age of the social e-hangouts, and the name that everyone remembers fondly; Gaia...
happily ever after
Devil Tail! I quested my butt off for two years to get it, and I seriously can't make an outfit without including it! It's so versatile that it makes a great addition to any outfit. 3nodding It was definitely worth all the hard work, and having to pawn off quite a few items, lol. Second place for me would be DJs but that's a pipe dream. blaugh

congrats on that emotion_yatta
its taking me much longer haha
you must have power quested

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