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Romantic Lover

Coco kitty definitely.
It's the freaking coco kitty, it's one of gaia's logo.
It's cute, awesome, it's THE coco kitty.
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I User Image love Wind Security Blanket it keeps me warm at night watching a scary movie. heart heart
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I would most likely to say the Vampire Hunter is my favourite MC (I loved the cool leather hat especially) whenever I dress up my avatar... I feel like I'm ready for outlaws, bandits, vampires and werewolves and the only weapon I have is my head, a leather whip and a 2 shotguns. 2007 gave us 3 options for MC and with a verity like that... I'm not going to complain.
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Wheezing Raider

My favorite October MC is the Grunny. I worked for the grombie skin back in the day specifically because the cute little Grunny was gnawing on one's head. I was so happy when it became an item of its own so that I didn't have to lament over deleting my grombie skin.
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My favorite october MC has to be the devil tail. : )
I can't ever afford it, But I think it's so amazing. I like it so much because it's so original. : D
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The Will-O-The-Wisp, October 2009. It's just so cute to wander around as a ghost!
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With a menacing howl and a snapping jaw

I have to say coco kitty because it was the first thing i quested when i first joined gaia and i still have it! what can i say, i'm a sucker for kitties. :3

we will concentrate on ruining your face.
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What’s your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!
I really like the coco kitty item.. all his poses are adorable and he looks soft and cuddly = w=, I hope that I will be able to get one within the future heart
My favourite MC is Golden Fleece. It looks so fluffy heart
My fav. oct Mc was umm thats hard because there is alot of them um i have to say shadow spirit it gives me a little feeling of Kingdom hearts Heartless ^^.
Plus it goes good with my avi right now. xp whee
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My favourite has to be the Wind Security Blanket. It reminds me of the blanket I had as a child and it just looks so comfy and snuggly. ^ ^
Thanks Gaia for designing such a cute item that isn't even a plushie.
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The Angelic Sash.

It was the item I've been questing for since I started when it was going for 11k >.< I love the Angelic Demonic theme's but I would half to say the Angelic Sash is my all time favorite MC.
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Fashionable Elder

What my all time favourite October Monthly Collectible is and why?

Devil Tail, from 2003. It is to this day, the only collectible I haven't parted with.
Because one, it's so kick-a** and goes excellent with my favourite horns and boots,
and two, my sister would kill me if I ever sold it because she's been borrowing it to me for
the past five and a half years. And I value my life, which you all would when facing her wrath. > >
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Romantic Spotter

My favorite was the Shadow Spirit.
I used to have one before I foolishly sold it. I had named him Dirge and pretty much always had him equipped. When goofing around in thread with my Gaian buddies during the Zurg event, he would act as my voice of reason. I have such good memories of the Zurg days, with my fellow 12 fans in his UFO, and the Shadow Spirit is tried to those days for me thanks to Dirge.
One day, I plan on purchasing another, though it won't be the same.
(Also, I love the grunny because I LOVE Diedrich!)

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