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My favorite October MC is Dreamer's Dust, because I think it fits my personality best, and I just love the item as a whole. All the poses are beautiful, and I especially love the wings.
My favorite October MC Is Pixie! It makes everything look so magical and angelic, and it looks great with almost every look people can come up with! It doesnt have to be worn just around halloween it's great year round! heart heart heart
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My favorite October MC is the Wind Security Blanket. I think this item is such a cute item. It makes me think of when I was a little kid with my blanket during all the bad storms my town goes through. It also reminds me of my childhood period.
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i have two favorites.
one being Vampire Hunter Hat and the other, Wind blankey.
Ever since Ive went on gaia, and saw people with the awesome design under their feet, and usually followed a demonic or black and red avi, which i tended to love when i first got on here, i strove towards getting that item. It was almost the same with the blanket. I thought it was the cutest thing, and eventually i ended up getting it. i was so excited and i would never unequip it. I regret selling it to this day. :c
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What's your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!

It would definitely have to be Grunny. Even though I've bought one thousands of times and then sold it on, prices always seem to be going up and down, and it is like a national icon for gaia!
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I'm all about the Vampire Hunter Hat, baby. It's badass without being overtly demonic.
My all time favorite October Monthly Collectible would have to be the Dreamer's Dust from 2008.
It's my favorite MC because I just love the combination of silver and blues in it (my favorite colors.) Also, the silvery butterflies and winter background are so pretty whee And my avatars usually have a "fantasy" theme about them like the Dreamer's Dust so... yeah. xP

mine is the vampire hat.. cos this it the first time that gaia has an aura item XD
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My fav is Golden Fleece (October 2009). I love golden items and those horns are amazing!
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Grunnies! They eats yer brainz and gainz yer knowledge! Plus I waited a fair few years for that little b*****d to be released! They're a gaia classic that will never fade.
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My favorite October MC is Kong Sang Scarf because my favorite color is blue and it goes with a lot of my outfits. It also can be used to make an avi look cool and mysterious or cute and adorable. heart
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My favorite October MC was this Coco Kitty, because I have a soft spot for black kitties <3
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Will o the wisp because it has some very interesting items and happens to be my alltime favorite.
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I've always been a fan of the Devil Tail. It's just a really awesome item, and to me? It goes with pretty much everything... Except for angelic costumes. But really, who likes those? razz So yeah, Devil Tail will always have my vote.
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My favorite October MC has got to be well all of them. lol My Birthday was Yesterday so I've always looked forward to the MC coming out the next day (Sorta like Gaia is wishing me a happy birthday) and there has not been a year yet where it has let me down. =3

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