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>>>: I actually like every October MC.
But I think I have to say staff of the angels because it was the first MC
I ever bought, or the Autumn glory. It's so cosy and.. autumnal x3
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Staff of Angels because it was the first MC I ever owned. I loved it because I was able to match my sisters avatar as she had the pitch fork. Also I always thought I would be good at fighting with a staff. Lulz
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Oh-my-God, not even Hell

The Devil Tail because it's a very cool item and overly expensive. Not to mention I really want one.
The Angelic Sash is also a very cool item. But nothing beats The Devil Tail. 3nodding

could be hotter than you right now
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I want to say my favorite is Coco Kitty plushie because it was a birthday present from one of my dearest friends. October MCs are the best because of the halloween theme.
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Devil tail for sure. Gives the final dark edge to any avi that dares to touch the shadows.
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I love the Pixie, simply because that whenever I feel that I want something "light" or "clashing", or perhaps a "monochrome" (Scarlet Sprite+Pixie), it's there.


This year's, I cannot say. I don't know what's in the sealed letter...yet.
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I would pick the one in 2007 which was the grunny that was the best one ^^
the Vampire Hunter Hat

because it was the very first MC I ever got blaugh
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My favorite October MC is CoCo Kitty Plushie. I love cats ((especially black cats)), and CoCo is just absolutely adorable and hard not to love. =D
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My favorite would have to be the Devil Tail, in '03. I've longed for one for the 6 years I've been a member.
"яαтєd αяє. ღ"

"Actually, the Wind Security Blanket. I think it`s a very cute item. That, and old items were much better than the new things coming out these days.."

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My favourite October MC is Dreamer's dust because it was the first MC that I was on Gaia to see, way before I knew what MCs were. My friend and I snuck onto Gaia during class to find out what they were that month and I loved it instantly! My teacher then proceeded to kick us off of the computer... good times XP heart
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I love the Gothic Veil. The Gothic Veil is so beautiful and elegant. I especially love using the corset part of the item.
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Devil Tail. It was the first MC (sealed.) I bought on Gaia. I had to save up all my gold to get it. 6k was a lot back then. :3

I could never part with it. It is my favorite item for that reason.
When Black Cats prowl and Pumpkins Gleam

Oooh. Mine is definitely the Autumn Glory. <3

I just adore fall, and it's a perfect item for this time of year. I normally have it equipped with my avatars a lot. <3

May luck be yours onHALLOWEEN.

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