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I must say Oktober has one of my favorite MC all time.
Its the Devil Tail.
I know it sounds overdone because everybody must say that.
Altought that isnt the fact with me.

Ofcoarse this would be a perfect time to start some sad music and I would type a sad story that would all leave you in tears.
I would overdramatize it..
A little girl from Holland who didnt join in 2003./
Who fought hard for the item..Who spend hours and hours to get it.
Then lost it in a sad sad event.
That is also not the fact.

The fact why it is my favorite item is very very simple.
The color that I use the most on gaia is Black.
My most used item is the Demon horns.
My favorite outfits have all a demonic twist to them.
So why is the devil tail my favorite item.. because I could use it in a lot of outfits.
It looks great when I get art..I love the way the end looks like a little heart.
And I know a lot of people who make great outfitsn with it..I want to be one of those people one day!
►My favorite October MC of all time is the Devil Tail, hands down. For one, it's simple. I mean, it's a tail, nothing really confusing about that. There aren't many choices to it which makes it easier for the person to choose what they want to do with it. Secondly, it's one of those items that just yells awesomeness at you. Compared to the Wed to Darkness tail, or any other tail really, it makes them all look like wimps. It's the king of tails. But lastly and most importantly, it goes with EVERYTHING. I kid you not. I could wear this with a rainbow colored avatar and it would still look amazing. It may seem like a laaaaaaaarge amount of gold to gather, but in the end, it's definitely worth it.◄
My favorite october mc.....four words, Staff of the Angels. It was the first actual heroic item I can remember. Back then you didn't hear of any swords, crowns, etc. so this was great, there was finally something. Plus it was angelic themed. I also loved the fact that it was one of the only items that didn't have a one or two word name. That made it sound beautiful to me 3nodding

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