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I really like the Dreamer's dust. I have a thing for hourglasses and well.. The wings are sooo pretty. I'm still working towards it to finish one of my outfits. <3
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You wanna be the one in control...
You wanna be the one who's alive...
You wanna be the one who gets old...
It's not a matter of luck, it's just a matter of time!
My favorite is the coco kitty plushie, because I love cats, and this plushie has cute (and really catlike) poses.
The Demonic Pitchfork is definitely my favorite of the October MCs. It along with it's counterpart were really the first handheld items on Gaia, and I remember being so excited when it first came out, thinking about how having items that worked like this would totally change the way Gaians made avatars. And now, four years later, that's probably an understatement. MCs have frequently changed the way Gaians viewed their equipable items, and the Pitchfork and counterpart are hallmark symbols of this.
My favorite October MC item would have to be the Gothic Veil. I love how dark and elegant it makes my avi look, plus it was the first MC that someone generously gave me after i told them about how fast they can collect gold on zOMG, ill never forget them.
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My favorite is Will-o-the-Wisp because I make myslef look magical and be a gosht which is a lot of fun when I play on zomg! 3nodding
I think my favorite October MC is the coco kitty plushie. At some point, I'm definitely going to quest for it. It's my favorite because I used to have a black cat IRL, and he was the most affectionate, wonderful cat. Coco kitty reminds me a lot of him, in a pixelated sort of way. biggrin
My personal favorite is Dreamer's Dust. Even though its kinda girly it has sentimental value to me since my girlfriend gave me one for my b-day a few years back 4laugh
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I guess mine would be the Shadow Spirit, it's one of the few items I wasn't forced to sell off, and it has some modes that give me some decent joke avatar ideas.
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I like the Gothic veil the most. Why? Because I love dark and lolita type of stuff. The veil is elegant and has cute poses. Like the bows on the head. Absolutely gorgeous :]
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My favorite October MC would be the Will-o-the-Wisp for it's versatility...And the ghost-like quality...;P
My fav is Will-o-the-Wisp because it makes you look like a ghost and its just adorable!!! 3nodding
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My favorite would be Pixie because I use it so much. It's compatible with most of the outfits I make for my avi, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get. 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding
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My favorite one ever is Devil Tail. I love it because well its all like curved and awesome. I tried saving for one but then I gave up because I never could save enough. razz So yeah I love Devil Tail its soooo awesome Its all curved and black its sooo pwnage. 3nodding
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October has had so many nice monthly collectibles it's hard to choose.
I always loved the 2007 gothic veil, but dragons are so awesome I might change my favorite to Mwee in the near future.
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What’s your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!
Mwee the Dragon.
i like it because its soooo cute!!! but i cant buy it =[

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