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In my opinion I think that the coco kitty monthly collectable of October 2005 is the best monthly collectable ever. I say this because it is so creative, cute, and I myself, is a plush lover!! So I would have to say that the coco kitty is the best monthly collectable of all the years of October. Also I like it because it looks really mysterious and I like mystery. And that’s why I think coco kitty is the best October monthly collectible. smile
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definatly the grunny!

Its so freaken cute and me and my sis LOVE it!! mrgreen
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My favorite October monthly collectible of all time is actually the one back in 2008. Its" the Kong Sang scarf. I really like it Because first of all i like anything to do with ninjas and second It seems to be alive (which would be really convenient for holding multiple weapons) and I think that's totally awesome. But overall I think it looks good on any avatar. ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja
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Wind Security Blanket. <3
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I really loved the october 200-something one that featured grunny. I love grunnies and I have one and I think that they are sooooo cute even though they can kill. heart I know it is a really old item but it is a classic. I love all the poses they have. All the poses are cute and humorous. I dont know what else to say so im gonna end this. Bye! xd *poof*
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mine would have to be grunny because they r sooo cute!!! and they are very unique and have a much larger part in the gaia storyline then people believe, they all around gaia. gaia stands for.....Grunny Adoption Interprise Agency
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boys and girls of every age...

Coco Kitty and/or devil tail.
They are both well designed items and are simple.
I like the coco kitty because it is cute, but also black so it can go with a demonic styled avatar.
The Devil tail because it's well.. a devil tail, can't get any better then that, can it?

...wouldn't you like to see something strange ?
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I love Pixie so even though its a real tough decision I would have to say its my favorite October monthly collectible, it just adds a little sparkle to an avatar.
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Definitely the Wind Security Blanket, I've wanted it since forever, and it's so expensive now! D: I wish I had bought it then, but at that time it cost money I didn't have (I was young, okay? Hahahhaha) biggrin
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i adore wind security blanket it's so friken cute! also whenever i see it i have this wierd adorable picture in my mind so it just makes me really happy! ^.^
By far, it's the Devil Tail (October 2003).

It is timeless, classy and it's devilish simplicity makes it works on many outfits.

So, you want to be a sexy Devilish Pin-up? The tail works, you want to be a metal, goth insane, comical, etc devil, this tail will do the work as it is classy and the way it curves upward makes it perfect.
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My all time favorite October Monthly Collectible is the 'Shadow Spirit', because of the little Shadow Companion and the Ghost-like Circles which can be used in Cursed Samurais' and/or Summoners' outfits. ^^
I love the wind sercurity blanket it's so cute but funny in a way it reminds me of a small kid hidding in his or blanket.......just like i used to all the time it brings back good memories 4laugh
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Mwee the dragon is my favorite becouse i love mystical creatures and having one to play tag with would be soo much fun and we both like to eat fish and have fun at the beach.
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My all time favorite October Monthly Collectible is the 'Kong Sang Scarf', because it can protect you and still look pretty and powerful. It also goes well with blue, black, white and red outfits. =x

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