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What’s your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!

Gothic Veil cause that item has some really cool poses and layering options!
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The Gothic Veil for sure.
It was one of the first MCs I saw and it was on my avatar 24/7 for a while. x]
So hardcore, am I right?
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My favourite has to the Grunny.
As a Grombie, I'd be mad not to have that critter as my favourite.
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October 2007: one because grunny came out then and 2 vampire hunter came out then to good times...
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My favorite was the October 06 letter. The little shadow spirit has shown up many times in my outfits. I simply love him!
October 2006 Without a doubt.

The Shadow Spirit is one of the cooler items on gaia even still, with tons of options that make it a good fit for just about any avatar. Plus, the pixie has made possible Link avatars that look actually somewhat awesome. mrgreen
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My all time favorite Monthly Collectible was the Demonic Pitchfork because it was out when first join Gaia and I saved up gaia gold to get my hands on that pitchfork and now I still have it with me and it was because of that demonic item that I started to collect all demonic items out there.
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October's always been a favorite for MCs but my favorite has to the Dreamer's Dust. I love butterflies!
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User Image

October 2005. Wind security blanket.
The adorable little balanket you can wrap yourself into and even become tornado in towns or zomg.

I juts love the adorable wrapping poses that make your avatar so cute!
If i had gold, I'd buy that for myself to look adorable yet again.
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Those leg warmers. YES. heart

Sheep rule! Baa! heart heart
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My favorite is Oct. 2005 with Coco Kitty Plushie. I'm a huge cat lover and think the Coco Kitty Plushie is the cutest item. I've wanted one since I've started playing Gaia.
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Magic Glitch

      Will-o-the-wisp, because I love the ghost tail element. biggrin
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October 2007, Grunny. I love Grunny because he's also a part of Gaia's mascots (and in my opinion the cutest one) and he's green, my favorite color.User Image
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Hygenic Phantom

My favourite October MC is the Gothic Veil. Very pretty item, still love it.
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My favorite October MC of all time would have to be the Coco Kitty Plushie :] It was the first item I quested when I joined Gaia and I love Coco so much and equip it with almost every avatar I make. Coco also resembles my own cat who I adore heart

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