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My favorite October Monthly Collectible item was Will-o-the-Wisp cause of the look and colors of it. I hate myself for selling it back then and not being able to afford again sad
I love the grunny because its so adorable o////o also, I love it because you can wear 5 AT A TIME. FIVE. And I have 5! So I often just say 'Y'KNOW WHAT IM GOING GRUNNY TODAY' and smack on 5 grunnies. ALSSOOOOO I love the grunny because of the halloween event a while agoooo where we got GRUNNY SHIRTS AND SLIPPERS <3
that is all.
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My favorite October MC is the Devil Tail because it's the original-style devil tail and it contributes a dark feel to my avatars... all of them.
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My favorite MC had to be the Shadow Spirit. Being an '07 and signing up around Halloween was awesome, the Oct. MC's had just come out and my goal was to get a Grunny by Dec. but one look at the Shadow Spirit and my priorities changed. I ended up owning the Shadow Spirit and enjoyed the time I had it immensily, I created so many unique outfits with it haha.
Hmm which october MC is my all time favorite? I would have to say kong sang scarf because
I used it with every avi before I left gaia for a while, I wish I had one still. D;
I love the Will (Smith) O Wisp cause it is handcock xp
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Will-o-wisp!!! I love the colors and it seems to compliment most of the avis I design ^^
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My all time favorite October MC is the Coco Kitty!

Why you ask!? Because they are absolutely adorable!!

I have 2 of them >^.^< >^.^<
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my favorite monthly collectable would be mwee the dragon
My favorite October MC is the Grunny.

I like this October MC because it totally just fit the month with Halloween and even the story line. It is a great MC that has many cute poses, and fits great with St. Patrick's Day! lol. Only joking (though true) on the last one. I usually put in the grunny when I'm aiming for just a wacky and fun avi because it fits so well.
My favorite October MC is the Pixie, because it was the first MC I ever bought, plus it's pretty valuable now and I wished I had kept mine.
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It's a hard decision, but I'll have to go with CoCo Kitty. He's so cute and full of mischief and was one of the first big ticket items I successfully quested. I'll never let him go for anything.
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Looking back at all of the October Monthly Collectibles over the years, October was a good month on Gaia for me. xD For each year, I've at least liked either one or both of the items available. And out of all of those, I have a few favorites: Staff of the Angels, CoCo Kitty, Wind Security Blanket, and Pixie!

My all time favorite October Monthly Collectible is the Staff of the Angels. Even though it's an older item and doesn't have a lot of poses, I still think it's a really neat item. I like wings, so what better than to have a winged staff! I also like it because it glows. I love things that light up! Staff of the Angels also has a bit of virtual sentimental value to me. It was one of the first items on Gaia I REALLY really wanted back when I joined, so I worked hard to save up the gold to finally buy myself one. ^_^ I'll never get rid of it.
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T h e G R U N N Y

The grunny because it's like an icon for Gaia now! I <3 them. They are so cute and adorable. In a lot of Games and events, grunnies are involved! The Grunny is without a doubt, the most vicious, but cute and my favorite October MC there ever was! <33
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I would say.....the Grunny, because it's adorable and I love it!

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