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I love the Dreamer's Dust!
i like all the mc's cuz as iv been noticeing you guys just keep advancing them to get into style they are all great you guys keep up the good work i just relly want to win one i hav never won ever
My favourite past October MC is the Pixie, as it's so cute and sparkly~~ It was also the first Donation Item I had ever purchased, and I used it quite frequently after that. I mean, who doesn't like sparkly scarves?
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I like the Ruby Pendant and all of it items it's perfect for october it's just awesome
What’s your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!

If i had to pick between the Mwee the Dragon and Ruby Pendant I would have to pick Mwee the dragon. The reason is because i used to LOVE Gwee the dragon, and now they have made a mwee. I believe that the Mwee dragon is an excellent and advanced version of the gwee. I would love to give some suggestions for Mwee poses so more people would buy them. I am a new member of Gaia and am saving up money to buy Mwee the Dragon. So that is my decision.

Thanks for reading
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I love dreamer dust beacuse of it's elegance and grace. It goes well with just about any avi and isn't extremely pricey on the marketplace either..The almost perfect monthly collectible
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devil tail 4laugh
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There have been many items that follow a "darkness" or "shadow" motif, but few as enjoyable as the Shadow Spirit from October 2006. This item gave a little of everything- adorable but sinister pet, ominous and sinister shadows, floating sinister spectral fireballs, and even creepy sinister shadowy skin. (Seriously- good work on the sinister stuff.) Easily my favorite October MC, it really manages to capture the feeling of the season.
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i love the devil tail, its such a original concept, it is just so cute! i would love to have mine again... i sold it and now i feel stupid sad
Wind Security Blanket
its so cute and cuddley and i really want it heart
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Devil Tail

I like it because it makes for a more evil looking avi.
Haven't managed to get one yet but am working on it
I love the grunny! It is so cute and ferocious at the same time! It's totally my favorite!
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My favorite would have to be the coco kitty! I love gaia and it's one of the gaia mascots, and the item shows so much character(especially the on your face pose). Plus this really reminds me of my black cat, so its awesome! >w<
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My favorite is deffinitely Devil Tail! D: I've never been able to afford it though. BUT I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! MORE THAN ANY ITEM IN THE WORLD!!(I love it even more than my friends unfortunately...)
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Kong Sang Scarf because it's blue, stylish, and an interesting addition to any outfit. :] Plus it has a lot of cool poses.

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