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I must say the OMG, simply because it shows the style, the fun, and the crazy-ness of Gaia Online. It's definately one to display lots of character. I wish I had one soo bad right now. But it's a never ending quest since 2004. wink
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I love October's 2008 Dreamer's Dust. It has a decent amount of different items to wear. Dreamer's Dust's items mainly focus on a certain color theme, and it's not a bad color. I think having soft, bluish-gray items is a good way to represent Dreamer's Dust, not only because of the color representation, but also because of the name of this item. This is an item I wouldn't mind wearing.
favorite October Monthly Collectible: Golden Fleece, It's adorable and definitely gives a good gold idea for people who really want gold on their avies. It's also my favorite Greek myth.
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my all time favourite October Monthly Collectible is Kong Sang Scarf.
I love scarfs, it makes any outfit look better ^^
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The Will-O-the-Wisp is really quite a gorgeous item. Plus, I'm a Zelda fan, so the ghost which looks exactly like a poe is just awesome.
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It's hard to choose just one favorite for October Monthly Collectibles. I've always had a soft spot for plushie and animal items which leaves me trying to decide between Grunny, Coco and the all new Mwee.

I love Grunny for the attitude the item has, I absolutely love the "I h8 j00" pose. I loved it so much I had to get the matching Prunny for my collection.

I love Coco for how much it reminded me of my cats, there's been more than one time I've woken up with one of my cats in the same pose as the "MFLGLFFGH!!".

I love Mwee because it's exactly what I've wanted ever since Smok the Baby Dragon came out. I liked Gwee a bunch, but I wanted a black Gwee and here you've answered my unspoken wish.

But if I had to choose just one, I'd have to say Grunny. Nothing is better than having an animal urinate on your foot to show you how much they love you. Thank you Gaia for all the wonderful items you have given us, and for the ones to come.
The devil tail
it looks So B/A
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What’s your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!

Angelic Sash... I think this is a beautiful item to add to any avatar. I like the appeal it adds to the avy whether its dark or light.
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heart my fav october MC: Dreamers Dust
Its so romantic and it is one of my all time favorite MCs.
It goes with a lot of different themes so its really useful for rounding out an avi.
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My favorite October collectible would definitely be Coco [2005]. Not only is it adorable, but it was also one of my first Mc's. Sure wish I still had him. ):

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Shadow Spirit, without a doubt. There is still no better pet item on Gaia, in my opinion. 3nodding
i like the electrike night because it looks so cool and it was made by gaia and ive been a member since it first starded
It was my first MC EVER.

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okay my all time favorite MC has to be little red ridding hood y well i just loved the movie and having it as a mc is sooooooooo cool plus I love having the little cape its so cute Thank u heart heart
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What’s your all time favorite October Monthly Collectible and why!

My favorite October Donation Item would be the Coco Kitty because it looks like a black cat that well fits in with Halloween as well it is cute and similar to the Kiki

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