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For February its going to have to be the Solar Cloak.....
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Personally i love celestial wrap. it was one of the key items of one of my previous and favorite avis. She was a godess of the moon and always wore a cape made of the stars or a swirling halo of cosmic power. It was one of my most prized possesions when i had it ^_^ heart
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Scarlet Rose - very pretty !
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"Next time you point a finger ... "

Chyaku Norisu Scarf.
I love the color, and the poses are awesome. I absolutely adore the bow, it's so cute. Plus, the way the scarf moves on zOMG! and such is really cool.

" ... I'll point you to the mirror."
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Chyaku Norisu Scarf
its the most amazing one yet! im surprised they haven't came out with one just like it whee
My favorite February MC has got to be the Grizzly Hoodie. I've been with Gaia for a long time now, but February of 2009 was the first February I shared Gaia with my favorite little cousin. His birthday is at the end of this month and I am currently crocheting him a hat in the likeness of, wouldn't you know it, the Grizzly Hoodie. When I give him the hat I'll also be giving him the item 'Grizzly Hoodie' as an extra surprise.

So basically, that particular item sort of commemorates for me the relationship that has grown up between my cousin and I since I moved into the same city as him.
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Magical Girl.
Super cute pink hairstyle, and bursts of bubbles and hearts. What more could a girl want? =D

Though I have to admit, it's kind of tied with the Grizzly Hoodie and Heartbreaker. I really liked those ones, too.
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Scarlet Rose

It's so pretty XD And made me think of Tuxedo Mask.
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Chyaku Norisu Scarf
I ♥ Grunny.
He's so evil-y cute!
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Lunar cloak...
It fits great with lunar scythe and lunar style from the mythic hair... I love lunar themed items!
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My favorite February MC is Magical Girl !
I love the big red bow !
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I like the Zony MP3 Player. It came out right before I joined Gaia, and I always liked it. I'm glad to own it now, and it's regularly part of my avatar.
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Chyaku Norisu Scarf is my fav
It was my first big buy on gaia and paid in full with no money spent in RL
I believe the Scarlet Rose is the best one. It really is pretty. The pretty rose petals falling are adorable. heart

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