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My favorite had to be 05's cloaks they were so amazing and pretty while providing some me with some of my favorite avatar designs
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My favorite February item would have to be the Four Horsemen item.Lovely colors,wonderful ideas to use,especially with the amount of poses that can be utilized with this.
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Scarlet Rose.
I love the rich vibrant red colour, and the dress is just perfect. The little cape is sweet like red riding hood, and oh so cute.
the AFK Scarf
i love it , it's so adorable an i am a person whom should get this an i have respected the rules an guide line of gaia since i have been a loyal member to gaia online
an that is the reason i should win the AFK Scarf
3nodding its gotta be scarlet rose. really classy item and its prettyy!!! whee
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Celebrity date~
So classy and its funn xd
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        AFK Scarf ,
        so cute and adorable <33
I'd have to say that probably February 2010's Scarlet Rose was my all time favorite because my favorite flower is a rose so I loved the rose petals of course and the dress was adorable!!! ^ _ ^ heart I am determined to own one one day!!!! 4laugh Hehehe. whee
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I love the AFK scarf! When I joined back in 2005, I loved the original AFK hat but I've never made enough gold to get it. But now I have this awesome MC instead! Thanks for the nostalgic MCs Gaia! biggrin
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Magical Girl! Because it's so cute and I just love the whole mahou shoujo look!
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My favorite February MC is definitely Magical Girl. It's so adorable, and I love the little pet that comes with it! heart
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CN scarf. I like the big red bow and the swishy animation in all the virtual worlds. It is one of the first MC's... which were DI's at the time... that I ever saw. I like how bright and red it is too.
I love the afk scarf... seriously it is so cute heart i think it fits any avi.
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My favorite MC would have to be Four Horsemen because it's so epic, the way it's designed and everything, I especially love it's Red Sword of War and Pale Scythe of Death, this MC puts other MC's to shame. 3nodding
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celestial wrap

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