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AFK Scarf. becouse its cute, no one can say enything else.
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I loved Dreamer's Dust!!!
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Legendary mage,
It's just awesome with the blue and gold.
Love it heart
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My favorite February MC would have to be '06's Chyaku Norisu Scarf. It has a lot of very unique poses that go well with a variety of different outfits one can put on an avatar, and the bright red color means it won't just blend into those outfits to become a pixelated mess. No other scarf on Gaia has such a dramatic wave in the fabric - your avatar truly looks like a hero when wearing it.
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the afk scarf-because its adorable and it matches the afk hat i use to have but no longer emo
sigh if only i could have one lol
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Well Fudge, tough call.
I'd have to say the Zony.
First of all, the name has a close relation to Sony (Which is a good brand of MP3, and computer), I enjoy the detail put into it as well, and also I enjoy the fact it's one of those things to which I don't see many people with. It's a rare and expensive find.
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Celestial Wrap.its soo cute <3333
Magical Girl, because it's pure nostalgia.

And who doesn't want to transform into a magical girl?
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My favorite February mc was the Laptop smile
It was so popular just having it in your gaian's hands Lol.
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My favorite Febrary MC , Is the AFK scarf . Why ? Because i am a person who loves scarfs .>u<
The AFK Scarf looks so fluffly and yet very light , i think it would be my dream scarf * laugh*
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Tough call for me. I think I have to go with the Magical Girl. I grew up with Sailor Moon, so it holds a special place in my heart. <3
Chyaku Norisu, because of the color! heart
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My favorite February MC was the Legendary mage. Why? Because I was doing a cosplay of Fai from Tsubasa: Resivoir Chronicles and the staff worked the best out of all that I've tried.
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It would have to be the Magical Girl MC.

It just fits so well with anything I want to put onto my avatar. I mean, who dosen't want to be a magical school girl?
I love the legendary mage because I love the hair, the color and the idea of magical items

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