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I have to say my favorite is the Chyaku Norisu Scarf. I really like the color, and I like the different ways you can wear it.
Celestial Wrap. =D
Big astronomy fan here, and a sucker for anything that has to do with the Universe.
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The legendary mage
because i love the hair it is so adorable :3
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If we exclude this year letter - this post wouldn't have caught my eye if I didn't like it wink - my favorite MC for February is the 2008 one with Magical Girl. While we can obviously use it to create some fancy magical girl based avatar, I like the fact that we can use some of it's poses in a totally different context. For example, one could use the floating hearts to make a lovely couple avi, while another could use the back ribbon to create a celebration dressup. As for the hairstyle, it could be easily used to create a naive little fairy. This is the reason why I like that letter biggrin
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my favorite february mc is grim reaper because it is lot cool and has everything like skelton wings weapons and clothes smile it is very usable and the things fit instead look pasted on like some the mc's. the artist make the grim reaper is rocks!! sorry bad english i still learn and i learn most on gaia xp
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I always rather liked Magical Girl. It's so cute!
Scarlet Sprite!!
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Celestial Wrap because of the colours and how it's drop dead gorgeous!
Chyaku Norisu. I like the flowing scarf. And it's a really good share of red.
                      ☠☠☠ Adam says:& - - - - - - -

                      Grim Reaper because I love the colors of the hood. It matches every avi I make!
I simply adored the grizzly hoodie 3nodding
It's super unique, and it can go for any style you want when you want to feel cute with an edge, or
if you want to look different and gothic/punk like, OR you would wear it just cause you like
For me, I'd wear it to look cute, punky, and just to look awesome biggrin
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My favorite is that G9 laptop from all the way back in 2006. It reminds me a whole bunch of my very first laptop, an iBook G4.
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I would have to say that the February 2006 Monthly Collectible (Chyaku Norrisu Scarf) Would have to be my favorite, There are many reasons why, One: It is totally named after the best guy ever, Chuck Norris, And the fact that the item looks good on any avi, Just makes it the best item ever xD
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legendary mage or magical girl
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I would have to say Chyaku Norisu Scarf because you can use it for multiple avatars for guy and girls.

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