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There's a few February MCs that I'm really fond of however, it's easy to narrow down the one I love the most - 08's Magical Girl. My reasoning is a bit of a long story but the gist of it.. I loved Sailor Moon in the early 90s and woke extra early before school to watch and record every episode. When my sister who is much younger than me got old enough I watched them with her. That was how my little sis got hooked on anime so when she discovered Gaia, she got me into it too.. all thanks to Sailor Moon.

The Magical Girl on it's on is so cute, but because of the reference, it's still one of my favorite MCs.
AFK Scarf - I Think it's cool to match up new items with old, Still keeping the AFK Well-Known Heart is really neat, and there should be more like it.
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Definitely love the Legendary Mage best out of all of them, because it harks back to when Gaia was first starting, and the mage-girl who was in the header. The colors are gorgeous and easy to coordinate with, the pixelwork is impeccable and it's a beautiful fantasy-style item, which is something I think Gaia needs more of. Love it!
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Magical Girl is the Best February MC. I love anime and Magical Girl reminds me of Sailor Moon one of my favorite animes!
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My favorite February Monthly Collectible has to be the Chyaku Norisu Scarf. I love that you can change it to what personality it fits you best. I loved the "Pretty Heroine"
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My fav MC is Celebrity date
Because if you had it, than it's like your imagenary friend! whee whee whee
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I loved the Grunny for an October MC.

...Nice little radiocative bunny form G-Corp
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Chyaku Norisu Scarf!
One of the nicest scarfs out here! heart heart
Chyaku Norisu Scarf it is my favorite feb monthly item, not just because it is a scarf buut because it remindes of those scarves you see in most modern ninja games like the old shinobi game from the ps2. That was such a great game and it remindes me so much of his scarf.
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Febuary 2006 because I love the G9 laptop because if i didnt get a laptop i wouldnt be on Gaia
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CN Scarf. After reviewing the other items, nothing, save one (Legendary Mage), nothing compares to the versatility that it offers. As well as, the elegance that it offers to those lucky enough to own one. The exact reason that I have that one as my favorite... because they are so versatile, and match well with many of the Avi looks that I enjoy.
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i like scarlet rose, because its all red and flowery and it suits me 3nodding
Chyaku Norisu scarf<3 gives kick to teh avi's :3 I must have one XD
I absolutely love the Magical Girl MC! Makes me feel like sailor moon x3
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I love the Chyaku Norisu scarf the most... Not only is the name reference a win, but the different forms are really versatile and usable. My personal favourite is 'Regal Hero' because it channels Vincent Valentine, and really, what's not to love about that? biggrin

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