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I do like the Winter Rose, cause it's elegant and cute. I fell in love when I saw it the first time
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My favorite December MC would have to be the snow witch.

I've loved this item since it came out because it reminds me of the fairytale "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson. That story has been one of my favorites ever since I was a little girl, and I have so many memories of watching the movie. The item gives me a sense of nostalgia, and I love the gloves that come with the item.
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Nitemare Scarf, its got a lot of uses and it can go with just about every outfit. Its a pretty nifty item I do think~
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Can I say this year's December MC? I like Bubu. It's so cutee, and I LOVE the way how it sleeps like an angel. whee !! >w< If not, I would have to say Angelic Scarf. It seems so angelic and somewhat peaceful when I first saw it.
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My favorite monthly collectible in the month of December
would have to be the silver laurels for their subtle touch
of whimsy, such as around my ankles here.

Don't they make my bunny slippers appear to be a whole
lot fluffier and comfier in turn? Mmm, warm toes~
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My favorite MC is "Ice Prince" because its cool,classy,original and winter is my favorite season.
I loved Winter Rose a lot!
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Silent Night for sure. I love the details in the clothing poses.
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Mine would have to be the Seraphic Bow. Why? It's gorgeous, and has many uses as both as a drill-like spear and bow and arrow, and whether on your back as wings or just a bow holder, or holding it, it is down right beautiful.
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I really loved 2006's flame sword, even though I wasn't here for it. The different ways you could position the item on your avatar made it all the more awesome. I mean come on, it's a sword, on fire! It's not only one of the coolest monthly collectables, it's my personal favorite sword as well.

I cry manly tears thinking about having two of them at the same time! crying
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I would have to say that my all-time favorite December MC is the Elemental Hair from 2006.

I just love how the styles express each elements' attitude and form.
As well as how it helps show certain emotions with the styles.
And the detail is just amazing!!

I would love to win this months MC but if I don't, congrats to whoever does.


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Nitemare Scarf... i still regretting selling mine all those years ago...
flame sword!!! its pure awesomeness! i love elemental items i want one but its sooo expensive smile
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My favorite of all time would be Ancient Katana & the Chyaku Norisu Scarf.
The Ancient Katana was the first legit Sword, sure we had Sword of Aegis but nothing as long & tin with details like the Katana. Who doesn't like Ninjas?
The Chyaku Norisu Scarf comes with multiple poses. I love how it moves when I'm in the town or fighting @ zOMG. It's my favorite. Specially the color, it's red and it moves with me.
Elemental Hair is my fave December MC. I love alternate hair items, and I love element-inspired items; so it was a must have for me! xd

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