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My favorite is the Nitemare Scarf not only because i have a thing for scarf's but because in my opinion its one of the top 5 most classic gaia items. Its a great example of gaia because its unique, comfortable and enjoyable in more than one way.
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My favorite will most likely always be the Angelic Scarf, that intangible beauty. I love the faint shades of blue that mimic winter, the way it protects the cheeks and lips from frightful cold, how it bends toward the neck oh-so-slightly making that little shadow, and how it hangs over the shoulder behind the arm. I've made countless Tekteks with it as it is my longest dream. I've wanted that item since I moved into the world of Gaia four years ago, but I'll never have that many millions of gold. It's one of those items that don't have a second or third pose, and it's not purple, but... it's my favorite. Forever and always.
I'm not sure..
I love the magical girl ^^
And the angelic scarf!
aaand OMG :'D
There's just too many and it's hard to choose ; w ;
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Winter Rose.
The poses are fantastic,
the coloring is amazing,
and quite honestly?
It's a pain-in-the-a** item.

One one hand, it's so endearingly gorgeous--
On the other hand?
It's such a self-obsessed item.
Almost every single pose for the Winter Rose
is something you HAVE to orient your WHOLE
avatar around, or it just won't work.
I love the attitude it has,
to be so selfish.

So, Gaia, TLDR;
It's a gorgeous item with an attitude.
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My favorite December MC has to be the Silver Laurels from 2009. I love the grace and beauty of the item and the little wraps around the wrists and ankles are the perfect accent to an outfit.
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i would say nightmare scarf it is awesome like really awesome cause its cause of the color and looks awesome for whe you go arenas
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My favorite is probably the ice prince. It exhibits the December spirit and is great for dressing up as Mr. Jack Frost, the personification of winter.
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Definitely Winter Rose. Such a pretty item; I love it so much. <3 I always thought the dress and the falling petals were really gorgeous~
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First. Also, I'm diggin this Seraphic Bow. It's got a dark appeal to it, but it remains less pronounced in comparison to most MC's, which is a quality I enjoy. Gotta dig the wing option as well. wink
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I Personally love the OMFG from December 2004. Not only is it my favorite collectible of all time, it's also from the year I joined gaia, so it has a special memory for me. Also, I love how it can be layered with other items to create a cool and creepy look.

Love it!
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My favorite would have to be the Winter Rose, since it combines a lot of my favorite things.(Roses and pretty things). And the dress option of it is what I would love my wedding dress to look like if I do end up getting married one day.
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I like the Bubu Kitty! heart
It reminds me of a cat my granma used to have, I loved that cat.
He died this year sad
and when i saw the item of this month I was like... OMG! It's him! O_O It came back as my christmas gift! 4laugh hehehe
its just sad that since the letter was released it had been pretty expensive! >.<
But hopefully, I'll get it soon heart afterall, I'm a catgirl =^^= <3
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My favorite December MC is the Angelic Scarf. The reason for it is because of it's color and ability to hide the face when a person wants their avatar to be a bit secretive.
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I love all the December collectibles! But my favorite has to be Winter Fox Mink from Dec 05 MC. In real life, I have no interest in real animal fur or pelts unless the animal is alive, still wearing it, and is available to pet and play with. But, I love all equipable animal stuff on Gaia. heart
Winter rose<3
because i love that item.
And it's awsome

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