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My favorite monthly collectible would have to be the Sapphire Plume. The colors are great, and who doesn't like feathers?
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I have to say Angelic Scarf because it's nice a nice simple design, nice color, its it's a very nice scarf on gaia, one of the best ones. Plus it's just a classic smile
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Nitemare Scarf, And Oldie but a goodie, beatiful, easy to match an outfit too, well made, and even though its expensive its worth the price heart
The below statement is false..

While I don't own it (lack of money -sobs-), I'd say the Silver Laurels from last year. They are just so horribly pretty and elegant and would be the perfect accent to any outfit and style, to me personally.

Perhaps I need to go and quest that at some point.. hmm...

...The above statement is true
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My favorite December MC would have 2 be winter rose because to me it is the symbol of beauty and
it is the most outstanding flower in my opinion heart
Probably the nightmare scarf. I've never had the item, but it's one of those things that would just be perfect for any number of my avatars if I ever earned enough to get it.
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I actually like the Seraphic Bow the most of all December DI's/MC's.
Gaia's artists are truly skilled and often the effort put into what we see on this site is taken for granted. The pixelation on the Seraphic Bow is truly magnificent, and the poses are just what you'd expect from a longbow... with that extra "Gaian" feel to it. wink

Keep it up, Gaia Staff.
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This is easy: My favorite December MC is 2006, because not only was it my first xmas on Gaia, I LOVED the Elemental Hair. It seemed to be the answer to my wishes for an item to express my emotions through my avi!
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I would actually say my favorite is BuBu the kitty.

Here's the reason: Firstly I love cats, so it let me add it to my collection. Secondly, I took care of an orange cat which looks similar to the plushie. He was an orange kitty (click here to see him). He was just a stray and I fed him, brushed him, pet him and gave him love and a good home for awhile. I learned he belonged to these people on the corner house. They weren't nice to him at all and stopped feeding him after awhile. He didn't stay here a long time but I gave him everything a cat could wish for while he was with us. He took off after about a year of staying with us. I dunno where he's at now but I'm glad I could give him a loving home for a year, at least.
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I really like Ice Tiara.. It has some unique features on it.. like the Ice fist, bracelets, etc =D
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Winter rose, because it completes my wedding avatar! <3
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The Silent Night. Because it has a beautiful shirt, an awesome mask, a wonderful background, and a cute little bird.

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Nitemare Scarf All the way!!!!
1. its evil
2. its spiky
3. it works with most of my avis
4. its just a all time favorite ;3
The Nightmare Scarf wins by far. I love most of the collectibles that are scarves and this one just happens to be Nightmare which is my favorite collection on Gaia
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My favorite is Silent Night from the December 2008 Letter. It has an awesome dagger and a cape.
One can never have too many sharp implements or capes.

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