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While the Scarves of '03 are great, my favorite December MC has to be the Timepiece from December 2007.

Not only his the hat deliciously steampunky (perfect balance of steam and punk) but the boots have been some of the most useful boots I have. I love the color of brown on them and they're part of my favorite outfit:
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I joined gaia in 2006 so I was in awe of the MC's that came before me, but looking back over them I think I was actually most impressed with the December MC's of 2007.

Specifically I really love the Snow Witch. It can add such lovely texture and can aid itself to a variety of themes; from the dainty gloves to the menacing hooded cape. I think it was also one of the first MC's that started having really lovely pixelation.
my favorite Decmber collectible is the Ice prince. Its very unique and brings out december is known for, Ice. Its a wonderfull item and I hope that I can get lucky smile
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My favorite all time December MC (or thus far) is the Silver Laruels. It can be equipped in many different ways, provides a cute look, and has a nice color.
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nightmare scarf because i love love love scarfs
Oddly Mischievous Freaky and Grim Hat, because I like hats and it's dark, I like dark. Plus its old and a classic item. Plus it's black
I would say this past December's MC (The BuBu Kitty), because its just so cute! :3
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Silent night.
The apparel was great and I love the coat.The background was beyond awesome and had me wishing I'd purchased another. The blade was wonderful and gaia could always use more masks like it features. 3nodding
Winter Rose

It's very elegant and classy, and the white is beautifully pure and innocent. I especially love the Grand Bouquet and Winter Rose (petal rain). Also, the Winter Rose (Floral Gown) is a gorgeous dress.
I joined during 2007 and most of my earliest dream avatars include WINTER ROSE. Since then, until now, I always liked it. It's feminine, white, clean and beautiful. Those old 'dream avis' I made are still compiled in my journal. The item just reminds me of my newbie-ness and good old gaia days xD. heart
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I would probably have to say the Angelic Scarf. The shear elegance makes any avi look really stylish even with beginner clothes on.
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My favorite December MC is the Thank You Letter for Dec 2004 for the OMFG hat. Its the first MC I quested for and I love it on my avatar.

thanks so much for the great items!
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my fav is dec. 2006
flame sword..just because it rocks
Late entry is rather tardy

The winter rose. I just thought it was the prettiest item when it came out and I loved the fact that you could sit in it.

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