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What’s your all time favorite December Monthly Collectible and why!

My favorite December monthly collectible is the Ice Prince from Dec.2009. The reason this is my favorite is it was a beautiful in color and desighn. It also had unique range of uses. It could be equipped as a Scepter, a crown, a hair item, a rapier, a cape, and a snow spell which looks pretty around your avatar. The Ice Prince is my favorite december item, hands down, all the way from the colors to its uses.
I have only been on Gaia a little more than a year, so most of the collectibles I have, I have purchased from the marketplace. I have to say that one of my ALL time favorites is Winter Rose. It is SO versatile. Because it is white, it can be paired with so many things. I used it several times as my Christmas outfits, trimming the dress with red hats and the red cincher, the red cocoa cup and the Red Cloak frm Scarlet Rose. I had a lot of fun with it.. One of my big problems with my avatar is figuring out shoes, so being able to stand in the rose works really well for me! It is definitely my favorite Dec. Collectible. I hope someday you come out with a purple one too.
biggrin biggrin biggrin .....Ok...I...Want Also The Angelic & Nitemare Scarf...Because I Like It And It Was Awesome....... biggrin biggrin biggrin
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I absolutley love winter rose.

1. it goes with almost all clothing.

2.when yuo move around in ralley or towns the petals move!

3.who doesn't like white roses?

Honestly its perfect!
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i would have to say the nightmare scarf...its so cool and very inventive and unique mrgreen
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My all time fav December monthly collectible is Elemental hair because I love the way the hair is shaped and the color of the hair is so cool. I wish I could make my hair like that!
My all time favorite December Monthly Collectible would have to be December 2006's Winter Rose for is amazing dress to its amazing white rose that covers your feet making your avatar look like it is emerging from it.
The Angelic scarf! I miss mine crying
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I played the "noob" and searched up what the december collectibles are. So, I saw a range of items such as the "Angelic Scarf" (which most adore) and Silent Night. I had to disagree while the angelic scarf to me was simple and silent night was to classy. I glanced upon the "OMFG" hat. I tested it on me and while it was simple, it had this cute chibi look to it. My friend (iTrojan) on Gaia is creative with the hat and the security blanket! sorry its sooo long D: But, simply, I love the OMFG hat.
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SILENT NIGHT.... i love the design of its cape... it fits well to my character...
I like the Angelic Scarf because it like flaunts your avatar
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My fave December MC is the Snow Witch User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.. She's so scary - I can't even watch Narnia anymore sweatdrop Talk about being an ice queen! sweatdrop
smile sorry too say i never had one but if you let me get one then i will see because i really cannot answer this question if i never had one so sorry
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my favorite mc is the last one
i remember answering this question last year. i wonder if i still answer the same--winter rose, because it became a classic that inspired the scarlet rose. ++the aphrodite grace [i believe?] purple/violet petals seems to be inspired from it too.

the questions should be spiced up--like which [month] MC/DI or MC most embodies the month, or something..

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