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i see you... <3

I must say, the Winter rose was beautiful. And versatile~ I especially liked the dress and the petal-stage-thing.

Either that or the flame sword [mainly for the a** on fire pose haha].

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so, like, rawr, and stuffz. <3
the Nightmare scarf
Art by: Me <3
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Hmm my favorite december mc would be
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the angelic scarf <33
It looks really good and great on anyone
even if the pose is very limited (1 only) people still love it anyway
thousands of gaians want one xD I would too : )
it just makes you look so heavenly and calm
so that's why questing it is so worth it.

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My favorite December MC would have to be the Nitemare Scarf. It's dark, fierce, and it's so amazing all in one.
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I really like Winter Rose. However, my all time favorite is Silver Laurels. I love the whole overall goddess look of the Silver Laurels. They're so beauitful. wink
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honestly, it's a hard decision. I'm stuck between Snow Feather and Silent Night.
I'm a bird lover and they represent winter to me. Snow Feather, to me, represents fluffy snow and gilded objects, like ornaments for a Christmas tree. Silent Night is a Christmas song, notorious for putting children to sleep, but the MC itself is a beautifully dark interpretation of the holidays...like Black Ice.
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Nitemare Scarf!: Because it holds such unique-ness and is such u n u s a l...It also holds one of my favorite themes Nitemare.Also its DEFINTILY a no0doubt C-in CLASSIC!~
I loved "Snow Feather" from December of '08. Every item is utterly beautiful, you just want to have 8 of them, so you can up all of it on at once! -sigh- I wish I could do that, I so would. sweatdrop But yes, Snow Feather was visually stunning.
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Though I haven't been around the site for very long, and so haven't had a chance to see most of these when they were new... I have to say that I'm obsessed with MC items, and just love to browse the gallery when I'm bored. The artwork on all of them is stunning. My favorite december MC is going to have to between Snow Feather and Ice Prince. I'm a fiend for anything feathery, but the Ice Prince is so lovely with its slim, white rapier. So it's a tie.
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My personal favorite was the coat. I love it with a passion for what I see it as. A light coat used for staying warm on a cold winter's night going out to sing carols or just go to a party to hang out with friends.
angelic scarf is pretty awesome if you ask me
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BuBu Kitty. I love cats. 3nodding
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BuBu the kitty! It's one cute little kitty *U*
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nitemare scarf!!!!!!!
um there all cool smile

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